Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Parenting & Relationships

Tell Me About It: Request to bring dessert ruffles wifeís feathers

Q: My husbandís family is really academic, most are in school until their late 20s at least. My husband has a bachelorís degree and I have some college but never finished. His family has always been welcoming and they arenít snobby or anything ó with...
Published: 11/09/18

Tell Me About It: Change in family tradition makes siblings feel left out

Q: Our extended family ó siblings and kids ó have always gathered at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last week I got a text from my sister saying she and her family would be going away for the holiday and would no longer host Christmas Eve at their home....
Published: 11/08/18

Tell Me About It: Husband keeps daughter away from his parents

Q: What are my obligations to help cultivate a good relationship between my daughter and her paternal grandparents? My husband is not close to his parents. There has been no abuse or fight over a major issue. My husband and I are just really differen...
Published: 11/07/18

Tell Me About It: Family objects to single woman adopting a baby

Q: Iím a single, independent woman in my late 20s. For various reasons, Iím pretty sure marriage is not in my future, and I feel happy the way I am.Therein lies the rub. I want to be a mom one day. Iíve always thought I should adopt, regardless of ma...
Published: 11/06/18

Tell Me About It: That loving feeling was lost after infidelity

Q: At what point do you know itís time to end a marriage? I found out almost a year ago that my spouse had cheated. We have a young child, and I initially stayed because of our kid. Weíre in counseling and both doing everything the counselor says, an...
Published: 11/05/18

Tell Me About It: Coupleís division of housework isnít equal

Q: I do much more housework than my husband ó maybe 70/30. When I complain, he says he doesnít mind grimy bathtubs or piled-up paper, and since I do mind, then I should do the cleaning.He says itís unfair for me to unilaterally set house standards an...
Updated one month ago
Ruskin Seafood Festival: From simple roots to super success

Ruskin Seafood Festival: From simple roots to super success

RUSKIN — Inspired by the abundance of area seafood, the local chamber pulled together vendors to provide food and fun for local families in 1988.Christened as “The Seafood Festival,” the chamber members and community leaders stag...
Updated one month ago
This weekend lets the cat out of the bag with KittyCon and visit from Kitten Lady

This weekend lets the cat out of the bag with KittyCon and visit from Kitten Lady

Dog people, have a seat. Stay. This is cat weekend. First up is Tampa’s first KittyCon, expected to draw more than 1,000 unapologetic cat fanciers to Tampa’s Holiday Inn Westshore on Saturday. And Sunday brings Instagram celebrity Hannah...
Updated one month ago

Tell Me About It: Ex-girlfriend is gun shy after being dumped

Q: About five years ago, I graduated from college and broke up with my girlfriend, "Penny." There was nothing wrong between us, in fact things were really good, but weíd been dating since high school and I felt restless and needed to be on my own for...
Updated one month ago

Tell Me About It: Commiserating friends wonít let her chime in

Q: I have a close, small group of friends who I have known for decades, and two of them are divorced, both more than five years ago. We have always shared things that bother us in our lives.When I complain about some hurtful thing my husband has said...
Updated one month ago