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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It:

    Readers advise on wealth and traveling While I'm away, readers give the advice.
  2. Tell Me About It: Readers discuss abuse and wedding plans

    While I'm away, readers give the advice.On understanding the early stages of abuse:
  3. Tell Me About It: Conversations at work often turn to weight

    Q: I work in an environment where I'm usually the youngest in the room by at least a decade. This is my first real job and it happens to be in an organization where people stay for years and years.
  4. Tell Me About It: Second chance at love requires honesty

    Q: A good friend and I had strong feelings for each other but I (foolishly) would not break up my long-term relationship for him. He ended up engaged to someone else, and when my relationship ended, my biggest regret was missing my chance with the friend.
  5. Tell Me About It: Inherited jewelry highlights favoritism

    Q: My mother-in-law chose heirloom jewelry pieces from her collection to give to both me and to her other son's wife, "Charlotte." She chose the pieces based on appearance and not based on value. As such, the piece I received is quite a bit more valuable, which Charlotte and I did not realize till we got together …
  6. Tell Me About It: Mom's concern sends the wrong message

    Q: My 22-year-old daughter is lovely, kind and smart. She rarely dated in high school, and this was a big disappointment for her, but I assumed it was because she is tall and was very shy.
  7. Tell Me About It: Mom wants carpool to be no phone zone

    Mom wants carpool to be no phone zone
  8. Tell Me About It: Spouse's drinking has reached crisis level

    Q: This week I discovered that my spouse has been hiding daily drinking. Spouse cops to drinking a fifth of vodka per day for the past year; I think the reality is probably more. Six months ago I called an ambulance because I thought Spouse was having a stroke; turned out Spouse was drunk.