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  1. From This Day: Couple connect through love of sports


    TOWN 'N COUNTRY — It's amazing Brandan Teague didn't pull a muscle straining to stare at Angela Hall working out at the University of Tampa gym.

    Since he first saw Angela Hall in the gym, Brandan Teague was her biggest fan. The couple connected through a love of sports, especially college football.
  2. Tell Me About It: Her man won't introduce her to his child


    Q: I'm dating a divorced father of a 7-year-old daughter. We have been together for about 10 months, have exchanged I-love-yous, have even talked about moving in together, I have met his parents, and yet he has never invited me to meet his daughter, the most important person in his life.

  3. Tell Me About It: He wants to tell his kids about their sibling



    Q: In a nutshell, I have children with my wife and also a child outside of my marriage with another woman due to infidelity. My wife knows, but does not want to inform our kids. When, if ever, is an appropriate time to introduce the children to their sibling?

  4. Tell Me About It: A teen romance doesn't sit well with mom


    Q: My friend Kate and I have known each other for years. After essentially growing up together, Kate's 17-year-old son (a few months shy of 18) and my 15-year-old daughter (16 in two weeks) have suddenly become interested in each other romantically.

  5. Toys R Us pulls 'Breaking Bad' dolls after Florida mom's petition (w/video)

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    NEW YORK — Toys R Us is pulling its four collectible dolls based on the characters of AMC's hit series Breaking Bad after taking heat from a Florida mom who launched a petition campaign last week.

    Some parents are incensed over the new "Breaking Bad" action figures now being sold at Toys "R" Us, including a Florida mom. [McClatchy-Tribune]
  6. Tell Me About It: Her boyfriend's grief is affecting their lives


    Q: Is there a limit to how long one must indulge their partner's grieving period?

  7. Tell Me About It: He's not sure how to respond to 'I'm so fat'



    Q: The woman I love has some real issues with her appearance that I don't understand. The "ugh, I'm so fat" thing is just the surface. I tend to reflexively assure her, but she says that doesn't help at all. Then if I ignore the woe-is-me stuff, she just seems to wallow until I assure her, then it stops for …

  8. Tell Me About It:


    Q: I've spent most of my life working toward a certain career. Now, in my senior year of college, with acceptance to my grad school of choice and employment for when I graduate, I'm thinking about going a very different route.