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Kids don't need to know who shot J.R.

Watching Dallas on Monday nights is a trip down memory lane for me. As a young girl, I would sit in front of the television with my grandmother watching this show that was clearly meant for adult audiences.

And that wasn't the only adult show that I was allowed to watch.

Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing and Charlie's Angels are also part of my childhood TV memories. Despite my age, I'm pretty confident that I would win an '80s TV trivia contest.

When I think back to these shows that I was allowed to watch as a kid, I'm shocked. I'm not sure what my family was thinking, but then I remember these were the days before the VCR became commonplace. People tuned into TV on certain nights and times, and my family was no exception.

If you didn't tune in, you missed your show, and that was a big deal.

Remembering that I watched so many age-inappropriate shows as a kid gives me a more guarded approach to my own kids' TV watching habits. Since we have a DVR, my husband and I record our favorite shows and watch them after the kids go to bed.

It's a simple solution, but unfortunately, it only solves part of the problem. We're avid sports fans, and our TV is always tuned to a baseball, football or basketball game on the weekends. Our 6-year-old son loves sports, so he enjoys watching the games with us.

This may seem harmless enough, except for the commercials. We're constantly bombarded with images of explosions, gunfire, and fighting during advertisements for video games and movie trailers. Then there are the constant promos for other adult oriented TV shows that the networks air.

My son's eyes become fixated on the screen and he starts asking questions about what he just witnessed. Sometimes it makes it difficult to enjoy something as wholesome as a baseball game.

During the day, our TV doesn't get turned on unless the kids watch an age-appropriate show that I recorded off one of the Disney channels. Also, on the weekends, the TV stays off unless we're watching a game together.

I know that I can't shield my kids from every unfavorable thing that flashes across the TV screen, but while they're young, I'm going to do my best to keep things age-appropriate.

I'm determined that my son isn't going to know more about the Ewings than I do.

Danielle Hauser is a married mother of two who lives in the Westchase area.

Kids don't need to know who shot J.R. 04/11/13 [Last modified: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 2:30pm]
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