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Celebrities are cat people, too

Dogs have owners, cats have staff. We asked two local media personalities to dish about their lesser-known "employers." — Dalia Col?n [email protected]

Nancy Alexander

Morning co-host, WMTX-FM Mix 100.7

"All of my cats came from a shelter. I have three and a half — my first rescue sort of abandoned ship for the cat lady across the street, so she shows up a couple times a month for breakfast. But I think this lady is feeding her lasagna over there. I can't compete. The cat's name is Aja, for the Steely Dan album. Then, three years ago from Friends of Strays, we adopted the fuzziest cat. She looked like a lint ball that you get out of a dryer. She looked like the opposite of something that was ferocious, so we shortened that. When my son was real young, he couldn't say 'ferocious.' He said 'fro-shis.' So her name is Froshis. Then we adopted twin Manx. They're the coolest. We're big Harry Potter fans, and so the boy is Sirius and the girl is Tonks. I tend to get girl pets because I'm always outnumbered. I'm the only one in the house that pees sitting down. Tonks, honestly, would be lost without (Sirius). They sleep together and they bathe each other. They hold each other down, put their arms around each other's necks. Sirius has a blue collar on and (Tonks) has a pink, and they just lick the heck out of each other. In fact, they get so aggressive that we call it bath rape."

Alexandra Hackett

Reporter, WTSP-Ch. 10

"I have two cats, Zane and Isabelle. They're brother and sister from the same litter. I rescued them from a wood pile. They were feral kittens. They were just a few weeks old, and they fit in the palm of my hands. Zane's a little bigger, and he is a lot more rambunctious, and Isabelle — I named her that because she just looks so feminine, like she should come with a little lace collar or something. I used to give them wet food packages for awhile, but then they got real piggish and they started scarfing them down so fast that they would get sick. I'm like, 'All right, that's enough. You're not getting the wet food anymore because you can't handle it, you little pigs.' They get really mad at me if I go away for the weekend. They're self-sufficient, pretty much, and if I come home, they won't come out from under the bed for an hour or two. But other than that, they're comforting because I'm single and live by myself, so it's nice to have that interaction with some sort of other living thing, other than another person."

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