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Should you adopt a kitten or an older cat?

Dear Fisher,

Several months ago, my family just packed up their belongings and moved out of town. Lucky for me, they stopped and dropped me off at a shelter for homeless animals. I was there for three months before a loving couple came in and adopted me. I think people are afraid to adopt older animals because they think we have too many problems. There were many other older cats in the shelter and I won't even begin to tell you the horror stories they told. I am still trying to forget them. Why is it that we oldsters are not appealing to humans who want to adopt?


Issues of adopting a kitten versus an older cat are usually due to individual preference, and are as varied as the number of people who adopt homeless cats in the first place. There are no set-in-stone rules regarding which is better. I prefer to boil it all down to the "half-a-glass" theory.

The glass is half empty

• An older cat may have more health problems.

• An older cat may be cantankerous due to unhappy situation in life.

• An older cat is harder to train.

• An older cat is not as playful as a kitten.

The glass is half full point of view

• Cats of any age can have health problems at any time.

• Older cats are more adaptable to new situations due to life situations.

• Cats decide if they want to be trained or not, age does not matter.

• Older cats like to nap more, therefore, humans can also rest more.

Moral of the story? The relationship between adopter and adoptee really depends on the attitude of both. Very good reasons for adopting a Senior Kittizen can be found at

The relationship between humans and cats is based mostly on peaceful co-existence rather than a need for constant adoration and attention. I congratulate you and the loving couple who adopted you. Peace to you all.

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