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Want a cure for dog shedding or cat shedding? Try these tips

Dear Fisher,

Really warm weather is here now, and I am wondering if you have an idea about what to do about all my shedding. Hair is everywhere in the house. I play in a big back yard with trees and flowers and lots of great shaded areas. I never see my shedding out there, so how come it's all over the house? My human is always brushing his clothes and furniture. And then that awful vacuum cleaner comes out to get the hair out of the carpet. He doesn't really complain, but I know it's annoying.


Some pets think that the more humans obsess about hair on the furniture, the more the hair just appears. Then there's the theory that if a human shares his house with a cat, dog, or any other furry critter — and he wears black — the fur will instantly cling to his clothing. Pet lovers everywhere seem to agree that this is true.

Shedding is a normal process in dogs, cats and even people. It's simply out with the old, in with the new. There is a season for everything, as they say, and you are in your hair-shedding season.

If you are shedding excessively and developing bald spots, get to the vet ASAP. You could be reacting to your dog food, or you might be over-stressed, or something physiological could be going on, and you need to get it checked.

Normal shedding is just that — normal. Grooming is very important in order to help the process along. Daily combing routines cut down on the evidence. Your human can do this himself, take you to a groomer, or do both. It is going to be much easier for him to do it himself first to see how effective he can be in eliminating his own frustration. Daily brushing is also a great one-on-one bonding between man and dog.

Visit for an excellent article called "How To Reduce Your Dog's Shedding in 3 to 5 Days". Among the recommendations:

• Brushing Start at the head and work toward the tail.

• Groom frequently Establish a regular schedule and include a lukewarm bath.

• Carding An extra step to remove excess undercoat.

Dog lovers will often take their dogs to a groomer for nice summer fur cut. You may not approve of you new look, but the extra breezes blowing through your short hair can make you more comfortable and help you enjoy those lazy days of summer.

— Fisher lives in Tampa Bay with her humans and loves to give advice. Send questions and a photo to [email protected] or visit

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