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  1. Scary trolls online may be actual sadists

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    Anyone who's ever encountered Internet trolls, those vile, racist, sexist and often profane people who gorge themselves on others' misery, might have concluded they are psychologically disturbed.

  2. 'This War of Mine' shows civilian side of combat games

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    With the reputation video games have for celebrating violence as glamorous and fun (understandable with the hype surrounding the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield release), one developer has shifted focus to the unfortunate truth behind warfare: civilians.

    The teaser trailer for This War of Mine skips the action and the rhetoric and goes straight for the visceral experience of just trying to survive.
  3. This isn't the end Archie deserves

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    It breaks my heart a little to learn that Archie Andrews, the freckle-faced teenager who has graced comic books since 1941, is going to die. At least temporarily. In July, Archie Comics will kill off its hero to end the "Life With Archie" series, which flash-forwarded into different versions of Archie's future as an …

    Archie will die heroically in July.
  4. The Dwarf House, the original Chick-fil-A, is a fun stop in Georgia



    The first time I saw the road sign I almost swerved off Interstate 75. Our highway exits are littered with fast-food conformity — Mickey Ds, BK, T-Bell, the usual — but this was different, a magical anomaly, perhaps even a puckish trick of the light on weary eyes.

    Chick-fil-A …

    The original Chick-fil-A Dwarf House has myriad charms, including a miniature front door (pictured, with the not-so-miniature reporter) and a statue of founder Truett Cathy. It’s in Hapeville, Ga., just south of Atlanta.
  5. Disc golf grows in popularity in the Tampa Bay area

    Human Interest


    He stepped to the tee and surveyed the fairway.

    Tanner Wilson, 13, of Brandon throws his disc from the tee pad at a doubles tournament Tuesday at Limona Park in Brandon.
  6. Review: Hungry for more after 'Walking Dead' season finale


    Those who arrive, survive … for now. The fourth season of The Walking Dead wrapped Sunday night, taking nearly all of the central cast to the long-sought Terminus, a mysterious safe haven alluded to for weeks via advertisements along various railroad tracks. Numerous theories attempted to predict what …

    The Walking Dead’s long, sometimes trying back half of Season 4 doesn’t end with a bang. But Rick is back in a big way.
  7. Gwyneth doesn't break up like us


    Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow became famous in her early 20s, she has made women feel bad about themselves. As Gwyneth's former high school classmate told a New York magazine reporter in the mid-'90s, "Even people who don't know Gwyneth measure themselves against her success. … Gwyneth makes us feel extremely …

  8. G.I. Joe's in the fight of his life

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    As a veteran of countless military campaigns and death-defying adventures, G.I. Joe has seen it all. He's captured pygmy gorillas and hunted white tigers, fought terrorists at home and worked to save the world from environmental disaster.

    “It’s reliving your childhood’’: A G.I. Joe action figure with accessories from Ace Allgood’s collection.
  9. ReScape is picking up where Oculus Rift never went

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    While the tech world is tittering about Facebook's breathtaking $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift (and whether it is a boon or bane for virtual reality gaming), a tiny firm in Sweden hopes to ride a similar wave of initial crowdsourcing support.

    The Office Defender game for 13th Labs’ ReScape lets you turn any environment — and cooperative player — into a part of a real run-and-gun scenario.
  10. Review: 'Walking Dead' finale Sunday puts show at a crossroads

    Human Interest

    It's time to thin the herd. • There are too many heartbeats, too many breathers. • So tonight at 9 on AMC, open up the zombie buffet, I say. • If The Walking Dead wants to survive and advance into a strong fifth season, the No. 1 show on cable television needs to end its wildly uneven fourth season …

    Carl, played by Chandler Riggs, opened the second half of Season 4 with a terrific episode. And pudding. But from there, the show and its multiple treks to Terminus pulled apart a bit.