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10 rounds with Carl Weathers

C'mon, let's hear it: Who's your favorite '80s action star? Stallone? Schwarzenegger? That whip-crackin' hunk Harrison Ford? Macho choices all.

But if you're the Stuck in the '80s battalion of Sean Daly and Steve Spears, there's only one haymaker-throwin', pistol-packin' man to get the boys high-fivin' and belly-bumpin'. And this Master of Disaster co-starred with each of the aforementioned Hollywood bold-facers — and came out looking even tougher.

Ladies and gentlemen …

Mr. Carl Weathers!

The 61-year-old recently called in to the Stuck in the '80s studio to chat about his new Fox sitcom Brothers, which airs at 7 p.m. Sundays. The show features fellow gridiron great Michael Strahan. "The guy is so talented, and he's such a natural," says Weathers of the gap-toothed leviathan. "His work ethic is stellar."

Also stellar? Weathers' iconic awesomeness: Apollo Creed in the Rocky flicks! Dillon in Predator! Action Jackson! Chubbs Peterson in Happy Gilmore! ("It's all in the hips.") Even his self-spoofing appearance on Arrested Development is legend!

Are you ready for Weathers?

Ding … ding!

So, Carl Weathers, why are football players better actors than other athletes?

I think there's something about the world of football and this form of entertainment. Football provides the kind of world that better suits what guys do in front of the camera. Maybe much more so than other sports do.

It's okay to say football players are just smarter.

(Laughs) I don't know that acting and intelligence necessarily go hand in hand.

Followup: Why are Predator co-stars better governors than other co-stars?

(Laughs) I think the egos in Predator were so substantial, the guys in that movie all seemed to think we could do anything. As they perspired, they aspired.

When Carl Weathers walks down the street, what do fans shout ? It has to be "Apollo."

It depends on where I am and the age group. If you're anywhere from 16 to a twentysomething, it's either Chubbs or Arrested Development. If it's a family group, it's mostly Rocky. If it's a geek who loves action movies, of course it's going to be Predator.

It's hard to recognize you these days. Your lip is bare where your 'stache used to be.

Used to be! I know! All I can say is it's another era, another time. Carl Weathers had to reinvent himself yet again. So the mustache went the way of everything else.

No, no, no. There are three people who should always have a 'stache: Tom Selleck, John Oates, Carl Weathers.

You know how often I hear this?! I'm going to have to grow the damn thing back!

Sweet! Apollo Creed needs a 'stache. Speaking of which, what was your fave moment during the Rocky series?

In Rocky 4, being on the same stage with James Brown. Growing up and having an icon like James Brown, and then to wind up onstage with him — that was a special moment.

Do you still have those totally cool patriotic shorts?

I do have my patriotic shorts! How could I lose them? No way!

In all those boxing scenes, did you ever pop Stallone?

It happened that he popped me a few times, too! It wasn't like I was the only one doing the hitting. For all his power and everything else, he made quite a few mistakes pulling those punches.

Weathers vs. Stallone? Please. Weathers every time.

From your mouth to God's ear, I'd take Weathers every time.

10 rounds with Carl Weathers 11/28/09 [Last modified: Friday, November 27, 2009 10:28pm]
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