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11 annoying things we want to go away

We've read all the year-end lists about overrated celebs and best movies/music/TV/YouTube videos and such. And far be it from us to throw another list into the mix. But we're kind of cranky about some annoying things we've been seeing. So here's our list of things we're officially over before the year has barely started. — Anne Glover, Times Staff Writer

Alltel Chad and the other guys

We've been a little lukewarm ever since they replaced that one guy. But the Claymation marathon at Christmas really threw us over the edge. Stop being so damned smug, Chad!

iPhone showoffs

Oh, you know who you are. You whip it out, call up a fabulous app and nonchalantly wish that you had waited for the 16GB. Well, guess what? We're doing just fine without one. (But if you need to get rid of your old one …)

Facebook e-mail alerts

We're not sure, but we think the time and energy wasted calling these up each day to see that someone else commented on your comment on that tagged photo in someone's Flickr account would equal an entire paid corps of volunteers who could rebuild our country's infrastructure in six months.

Anticipating 'American Idol'

The hype. The manipulation. The lame commercials comparing Simon Cowell to the Grinch. God help us, we love it all and come Jan. 13 we're going to be watching six hours of it a week.

Pretending that we still remember all the details on 'Lost'

What, Charlie died? When did that happen?

Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa

The Bucs aren't in it. 99.9 percent of us won't go to it. Getting into the glamorous parties being planned will be (a) harder than hitting George W. Bush with a shoe or (b) more expensive than a Bernie Madoff fund loss. And FedEx doesn't even have a commercial on the broadcast this year. (Hey, did you hear Diddy was going to be here for a party, though?)

Barack Obama as a celebrity

The day that someone mentions this smart, erudite leader of the free world in the same throwaway item as LiLo or Jen or Britney will be the day . . . oh.


Bronx Mowgli Wentz, meet Knox and Viv Jolie-Pitt. Nahla Aubry, say hi to Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. When you're ready, the Moon Unit Zappa self-help group is still meeting down at the Beverly Hills Y.

Writers who put celeb- in front of everything and think it's witty

Hey, we didn't start it, so give us a break.


People, don't EVEN think about it.

Lists like this

Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince people that you're really earning your pay when you write them while watching Wife Swap?

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