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Bullies we love to watch

We give them our lunch money. Hide from them on the playground. Tolerate the wedgies

But still, America just loves a good bully on TV or in the movies.

Don't confuse villains with bullies. Villains are evil, doom-plotting creatures with little or no attachment to the heroes. A bully is the kid sitting next to you, waiting for the teacher to turn her head before firing off that spitball at your skull.

How well do you know the classic bullies of TV and movie fame? With the new Karate Kid hitting big screens today, and a whole new legion of martial arts-schooled bullies on the loose, it seems like a great time to find out.

1 Billy Zabka, who played the menacing Johnny from Cobra Kai in the original 1984 Karate Kid, is no stranger to playing the bully. Which of the following movies did he NOT appear as a villain?

a. Just One of the Guys

b. Back to School

c. European Vacation

2 Back in 2004, when Lindsay Lohan made more movies than gossip rag headlines, she appeared in a flick that featured some rare female bullies. Name that movie.

a. 10 Things I Hate About You

b. Mean Girls

c. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

3 Which character in The Simpsons is the arch enemy to Bart Simpson, punctuating each evil prank with his signature "HA-ha"

a. Nelson

b. Milhouse

c. Fat Tony

4 Robert Downey Jr. ... as a bully? No, that's impossible, right? But Brat Pack director John Hughes cast the future Iron Man as a villain in one of his teen flicks. Can you name the movie?

a. Sixteen Candles

b. She's Having a Baby

c. Weird Science

5 In 1978's Animal House, Mark Metcalf played one of the most despicable bullies in film history, Doug Neidermeyer. Which of the following memorable lines is from Neidermeyer?

a. "I'm a zit. Get it?"

b. "The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is me."

c. "You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!"

6 Name the actor who played the bully in a slew of movies, including Pretty in Pink, Less Than Zero and The Rachel Papers.

a. Andrew McCarthy

b. James Spader

c. Emilio Estevez

Answers: 1. c; 2. b; 3. a; 4. c; 5. c; 6. b

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