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Miley Cyrus, Chris Lee and Brett Favre: Here's how you take a self-portrait

Since the dawn of time, or at least social networking, people have plagued the Internet with sloppy self-portraits of their naked bodies. • Brett Favre allegedly sent super creepy pictures of his junk to Jenn Sterger. Miley Cyrus has bared her belly in some shots worthy of the MySpace Hall of Shame. And most recently, a congressman from New York named Chris Lee resigned after a photo of himself shirtless and holding a camera phone to the mirror surfaced on Craigslist. • People, people, people. Have those terrible trailblazers taught us nothing? If you're going to display your glorious form for all the world to see, at least take extra time and care in the execution. At tbt*, we're here to help you get maximum bang from your self skin pic. We've scoured YouTube and excerpted tips from photography tutorials that will help you get your self-indulgent game right. • Smile into the mirror. Add flash. And cheese! — Stephanie Hayes

"This is something I've been wanting to address for a long time … When you're taking a picture in the mirror, don't hold the camera up to the mirror and look like this. Nobody wants to see what the f--- your bathroom looks like, at all. Nobody cares. If you turn the camera around, you can look in the mirror and you can see a picture of what you're taking a picture of."


"Have you ever wondered how they do those MySpace pictures with the mirrors? I used to not know, but now I do … You need a camera. Well, actually, two. The next thing you need is a friend. Last but not least is your beautiful self. So next, give your friend a camera, then you hold on to one of the cameras. Have your friend take pictures of you doing poses with your camera. I guess it looks dumb, but that's how it works. That's how they make it look like you're taking a picture of yourself, which is impossible."

— DoubleKill

"While holding the camera as stiff as possible pointed at you and only you, start spinning in a circle as fast as you can. Now while continuing to hold your arms out stiff, steady and pointed at yourself, begin clicking photos. Depending on the camera you are using, what this will do is blur your background while keeping your portrait as clear as possible."

— Onision

"Method No. 1: Take a picture and Photoshop it so your face is overexposed, white, bright, blinding, etc. … Method No. 2: Take a picture of yourself in the mirror. You get bonus points if there's a flash. Method No. 3: Take a picture where only half of your face is showing. It is also necessary that it is in one of the corners. If you do two or more at once with a picture, you will get more points."

— yellowarrior

"I'm gonna take the camera, I'll hold it like this. You put your finger here and here. … You can get in front of your mirror like this. Look at yourself and get a nice spot in the back and … snap. See? A nice picture of me. … My mouth is open. I might not use that one on my Facebook page."

— tyhokwanna

Miley Cyrus, Chris Lee and Brett Favre: Here's how you take a self-portrait 02/24/11 [Last modified: Thursday, February 24, 2011 2:17pm]
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