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The perfect party hosts: Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra

Even Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra were not immune to the Midwestern migration: Packing up the kids in the car and heading to Florida for vacation.

Jenny first came to Tampa from Chicago in a Suburban where air conditioning dripped on her face, her sisters fought over the battery-powered handheld TV and her dad found the family nightly sleeping accommodations at a Holiday Inn ... parking lot. Hey, it was just cheaper to sleep in the McCarthymobile.

Carmen first came in a family van from Cincinnati, where her older brother tickled her to near-death, and her Floridian cousins told her of gators lurking at every corner.

They survived those family vacations and went on to become successful models, actors and TV personalities. Both return to Tampa on Friday to co-host the Sixnnual Leather & Laces Party presented by Texas Energy Holdings to benefit Generation Rescue, an autism research and treatment advocacy organization spearheaded by McCarthy, whose son is autistic. The duo has brought on a third co-host, Dancing with the Stars contestant and TV personality Kim Kardashian.

"We got an extra pair of butt cheeks people can look at," McCarthy says.

In an interview with tbt*, McCarthy and Electra tells us of their partying pasts and wishes. Here are their (edited) responses.

What does it mean to "host" a party?

McCarthy: It means I better look hot and look like I'm having a fabulous time.

Electra: Have a good time. If you're not having a good time, pretend like you are.

But are you?

M: Last year in Phoenix, I actually had such a good time. I stayed two hours past my contract negotiations.

E: If I can dance and listen to good music then I'm fine. You have to have great DJs and lots of hot girls.

If mortals want to ask for an autograph, what shouldn't they do?

M: Don't hold up naked pictures of me in line in public. Don't lie and say "I'm your biggest fan," and have no idea when I ask you what book I wrote.

E: Bring a Sharpie.

Going to the game?

M: Yes, I'll be sitting in a luxury suite with my boyfriend Jim Carrey and possibly Danny Masterson of That '70s Show and actor Bradley Cooper.

E: No, I'll be flying back to L.A. Maybe if I came with more friends but I just brought my assistant.

What's the differences in the parties now compared with before you were famous?

M: The parties aren't that much different except for the keg and shotgun and the beer bongs. The only thing that's changed is the high quality of the liquor, but drunk people are all the same.

E: I know you want me to say playing quarters at a Motel 6 is more fun, but I think back and, now, this is fun. I get to hang out with my peers and it's safe and I may have a little bit of a cocktail but I'm not sick at the end of the night. I think I've grown up a lot, so that's what I prefer.

Who would you really want to show up at your party?

M: Dalai Lama. I'd ask him how to enlighten myself.

E: Jim Morrison. This summer I really became obsessed with Jim. I watched all his documentaries and his movies, and I just feel like he's so brilliant and such a great performer and way ahead of his time and so sexy and so my type. I kind of fell in love with him. It started out with a game between my fiancee naming people we'd like to be with. I had to pick between Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. I chose Jimi Hendrix, but for some reason I just began paying attention to Jim. Notice I call him Jim. I'll also take Val Kilmer as him. He was brilliant playing him in a movie. Val Kilmer, sure that'd be great if he showed up.

Who's going to win?

M: Steelers. My boyfriend's manager's a huge fan.

E: Cardinals. They've never won before.

Jenny, being a Chicago native, what do you think of Gov. Rod Blagojevich?

M: I don't pay attention to that.

What do you think about his hair?

M: Donald Trump must be jealous.

Carmen, having been married to Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman and now engaged to a guitarist, whose parties are better? Rock stars or athletes?

E: Rock stars. They can get right up on stage and play music and have fun.

The Leather & Laces Party

Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian host the event from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. Friday at Jackson's Bistro, 601 S Harbour Blvd., Tampa. Tickets are $275 in advance, which includes open premium liquor, beer and wine; or $650 in advance for VIP access.

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