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Top 5 phobias: Be afraid, be very afraid …

What are you really afraid of? Losing your job in this lousy economy? The midterm election results? Eating curry chicken before watching a That '70s Show marathon? No, according to Yahoo, it turns out what you're really afraid of is being stuck in a setting from which there is no easy means of escape. (Hello? Fear of Ashton Kutcher? We were right!) That's "agoraphobia" in scientific terms, and it's the top phobia-related search on Yahoo as we head into Halloween's home stretch.

Top 5 phobia searches on Yahoo

1. AGORAPHOBIA: A good friend just asked you to a midnight screening of Jackass 3D. Finally a fear that works in your favor: "Ohh, sorry, dude. I have agoraphobia — fear of watching a Johnny Knoxville movie."

2. hAUNTED HOUSE PHOBIA: All red-blooded Americans love strolling through dark houses and having zombies and ghouls jump out and send our blood pressures soaring. Still, there is a cure: Unless it's at the Magic Kingdom, don't go to one.

3. ACROPHOBIA: Let me guess. Fear of acrobats? Wrong. It's fear of heights. That's a legitimate fear. One summer while helping my dad at work, I wouldn't come down from the roof of a movie theater in Winter Haven. To this day I avoid ladders. And Cirque du Soleil … just in case.

4. LEPORIPHOBIA: Try not to laugh. This is the fear of rabbits, and the Easter Bunny in particular. Granted, the breed with the glowing red eyes is menacing. Eh, who needs Bugs Bunny cartoons or singing about Peter Cottontail anyway?

5. arachnophobia: Oh sure, the dictionary will tell you this is the fear of spiders. I maintain it's really the fear of the 1990 film Arachnophobia, starring John Goodman and Jeff Daniels. So bad it'd give you nightmares for life.

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