Tell Me About It: Weight loss encouragement is about looks


Weight loss encouragement is about looks

Q: Do you have suggestions on whether and how to encourage a partner to lose weight? Weíve talked about it a bit in terms of improving his health, but in terms of heart rate/blood pressure/previous illnesses heís healthier than I am. So I feel bad that much of my motivation is just wanting to be more physically attracted to him. Especially as heís never made me question his attraction to me, and my bodyís undergone a lot of negative changes (medical).

I guess I donít know how honest to be. And then regardless of motivations, do you have suggestions on how to encourage healthy eating? When I cook a healthy meal and then he follows it with an unhealthy snack, I canít help but be annoyed, which I know is not helpful.

Talking About Weight

A: Maybe it is, though. Overeating and inactivity can eventually limit mobility, which then can limit a coupleís quality of life ó and even push the healthier partner into a difficult, draining, resentful caregiving role.

So I see it as a duty that comes with life partnership to stick to a basic level of self-maintenance expressly to avoid placing a foreseeable burden on oneís mate.

That said: Itís disingenuous to talk health when your issue is attraction. Iím glad youíre being honest with yourself ó now push past the "I shouldnít feel this way!" barrier.

The downside of just wanting him hotter is that you have no standing to push for it. The upside is that you can release yourself of the obligation of trying to fix him.

There is something to that. Itís so easy to take on other peopleís problems as our own that we sometimes fail to see how stressful that is. "I canít fix this" is a small step with big impact.

Cross off everything that isnít part of just being healthy yourself. Buy and prepare good foods, be active, invite him along.

New relationships are about having what you love. Settled-in ones lean toward loving what you have ó helpful to keep in mind no matter what you do next.