Tell Me About It: Wife wants stepkids involved in new baby

Published January 10 2018

Wife wants stepkids involved in new baby

Q: I have two stepchildren, 17 and 15. They switch off between our house and their motherís. My husband and I have been married three years and have a 6-month-old daughter.

I am really sad about the lack of affection between my stepkids and my daughter. They never hold her or play with her or ask to feed her. They basically pretend she isnít there.

My husband says to just give them time, but he doesnít do much to encourage all of us to do things together. Itís like he spends time with his older kids or the baby but not all of us at once.

I want us to be a family and it doesnít feel like we are now. You canít force affection, but I would like to know how to encourage it.


A: Treating this as an isolated problem that started six months ago, I look to your husband. His either-or approach to his kids offers both the easiest explanation and the easiest possible solution. Get him invested in doing more as a family unit, and youíll slowly, naturally promote more of a bond. Itís tough with older teenagers, but doable.

But treating this as a problem that canít be isolated to the past six months, I think weíre closer to the truth. Because any blended family issue is going to have a backstory that includes the formation of the blended family, and the three or so years of family building that preceded the birth of your child.

If there are seeds in that history of the alienation youíre seeing now, and if you planted them yourself, helped in any way to nurture them, or even just pretended they werenít there, then youíre accountable too.

So, ask yourself the hard questions about how the "before" óyours, his, theirs, everyoneís ó brought you to this "after."

Then bring that insight to your husband, along with ideas for how to eat dinner, travel, celebrate and make conversation as one unit versus two. The best way to encourage affection is to show it, and the best way to show it is for its own sake, without defensiveness, and without any notion of a quid pro quo.