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Published July 10 2018
Updated July 10 2018

Introvert wonders if it has gone too far

Q: Does there reach a point on the introversion scale where youíve gone too far? I work from home and rarely see other people besides my wife. Iím finding more and more that I like it that way and donít really want to see friends or family. Iím not depressed, I just prefer to be home alone or only with my wife. Should I challenge my introversion and go out with friends from time to time, or is being an extreme introvert OK?


A: Youíre treating your circumstances now as if life is permanent, which we all know it isnít. What will you do if your wife suddenly isnít around? What if you lose your friends and family to relocation, alienation or death? Whatís your Plan B?

If I were you, though, I wouldnít let my connections and social muscles atrophy completely. Itís so much easier to maintain them now than it is to rebuild them later.

Keeping the truth about breakup a secret

Q: Close friends and family want to know why my five-year relationship just ended, as my partner and I were living together and actively making plans to get married and start a family. "We just outgrew each other and are happier apart" suffices for some who ask, but not the ones who know us really well.

Can you clarify why I should not tell people that my partner was a lowlife and a thief who stole thousands of dollars from me within six months ó a fact I have so far kept to myself in an attempt to be fair to him?


A: What about the truth is unfair? Is there some question about his guilt?

If you just donít want to get into it with anyone, then feel free to tell the people who knew you well that he turned out to be a really bad guy and youíre not ready to talk about it.