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  1. Aging felines find a home sweet home at couple's Cats Cradle in Lutz (w/video)

    Life Times


    The residents of this retirement home spend their days relaxing on a picnic table or in a sunroom with the other residents.

    ON THE COVER: Terry Jenkins pets Daisy, Babette and Tucker.
  2. Engage the entire core, not just the abs


    Are you tired of the same old crunches on the floor? Looking for a little more variety to spice up your ab workout?

    Jerry Biehn of St. Petersburg demonstrates a balance pushup with stability ball.
  3. Don't buy into 'old' stereotypes

    Life Times

    I was patiently waiting at the security desk to enter the Washington Post's building a couple of months ago when a former college classmate, a fellow I had not seen in decades, stepped up behind me. I recognized him and said hello, but he appeared to have no memory of me. When I reminded him that we'd once worked …

    “Age may be an incontrovertible number, but ‘old’ seems to me to be a state of mind,” posits Steven Petrow, pictured here with his dog, Zoe.
  4. Before you adopt a pet, have realistic expectations

    Life Times

    The Humane Society of the United States suggests that potential pet owners ask themselves these 10 questions before committing to taking an animal into their family:

    Trainer Mike Rueb, associate director of adoptions and resident care for a no-kill shelter in New York, works with Clay, a 9-month-old black Lab mix.
  5. Meet Tarpon Springs sponge industrialist George Billiris

    Life Times

    George Billiris was 14 the first time he went to work, diving for sponges off the coast of Tarpon Springs. Now 89, Billiris runs a sponge distribution business from a small office along the city's sponge docks. He spoke to Florida Trend about his life, career, Tarpon Springs — and his desire to dive for …

    George Billiris of Tarpon Springs
  6. Computerized training can help driving skills

    Life Times

    The aging process brings challenges for drivers. Diminished vision and hearing, stiff joints, health problems and slower reaction times can take their toll and raise the odds of an auto accident.

    AAA’s Michele Harris says falls can scare people into being more sedentary.
  7. Fighting an age-old battle: ageism

    Life Times

    In 2012, Ashton Applewhite was invited to speak at a performance festival whose theme that year was so scary that friends of the organizer warned she would lose all her subscribers.

    The topic? Aging.

    Ashton Applewhite, writer
  8. Strength Training 101: Give your health a lift


    Want to introduce strength training into your world to fight age-related muscle and strength loss? You know that it helps in developing lifelong independence, but you are hesitant . . . simply because getting started seems too confusing. You may be questioning which exercises you should be doing and which muscle groups …

    Photos by EVE EDELHEIT   |   Times
  9. Pickleball is picking up steam


    It's a familiar-looking game with a funny-sounding name.

    Judy Herrick, left, and Alice Lopez celebrate a victory. Lopez, 85, is the oldest pickleball player at the Northdale Recreation Center.
  10. Compound strength movements bring many benefits


    Compound strength movements result in compound benefits. That's good news, but there's more: You can do these movements in the comfort of your own home using hand weights or simply your body weight. And you will be training your body with so many creative movements that it will almost feel like fun, or at the very …

    Paul Merada does a reverse lunge with hammer curl.