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  1. Doctor discusses 'Creating a Redesigned Life'

    Life Times

    As we age, the philosophical debate over whether life's glass is half full or half empty may evolve into a question of just how many sips of life are left.

    Dr. Michael Appleton runs “Creating a Redesigned Life” workshops.
  2. Questions about strength training? Endurance? Here are some answers

    Life Times

    Are you wanting to begin a fitness program but just don't know how to jump-start it? Below are some common questions on the minds of many seniors who are contemplating flexing their muscles. I personally think "Why are we doing this?" should be the first question out of the box. The answer, the amazing ways in which …

    Irene Athos, St. Petersburg-Calf Raises. Lifetimes.
  3. 'Go Set a Watchman' sparks new attention for private Harper Lee


    Many of us enjoy peaks in our careers, but very few people see a second, soaring peak at age 89.

    Harper Lee is one of them.

    Getty Images (2007)
  4. Inspiring squirrel leads 86-year-old to write children's book


    BRANDON — As Henrietta Moricz ate cheese crackers and gazed out the window of her Hawthorne Village residence, inspiration hit.

    Henrietta Moricz, 86, holds a copy of her children’s book, Skippy. The squirrel, which she photographed, inspired her novel when she peeked out of her Hawthorne Village window.
  5. Don't put off estate planning, other important legal matters

    Life Times

    Q: Why does a baby boomer need an estate plan?

  6. Memoir writing, and videotaping, lets you share the story of your life

    Life Times

    Remember Cousin Everett's pool hall back in Johnson City? He sure could tell some tales.

    A therapist begins to jot down some notes with a pen while in session with a client.
  7. Get moving to avoid physical, mental decline


    Retaining energy and vitality as you venture into the senior years can be a happy reality.

    Paul Merada and Tracy Decker show how to do a bodyweight with partner squat.
  8. For seniors, fall prevention expo May 27 in Brandon

    Life Times

    Better Living for Seniors Hillsborough plans to use Wednesday, the 22nd annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day, as an educational platform on healthy lifestyles and fall prevention.

    A 2014 fall prevention event drew folks to Dunedin’s Hale Senior Activity Center. Better Living for Seniors Hillsborough has an event May 27 at the Brandon Community Center.
  9. Pioneering mental health advocate still going strong in Sun City Center

    Human Interest

    Ken Barringer has spent his life serving others, in the Navy hospital corps caring for civilians after the Battle of Okinawa in World War II, ministering to a Methodist congregation for more than 20 years, teaching college students sociology and offering counseling as a clinical psychologist. So when the newly retired …

    Ken Barringer, founder of the South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging, was recently honored at a dinner in Sun City Center. He told the crowd that serving God and others will help them leave a legacy.
  10. Grandparents play vital roles in lives of children, grandchildren

    Life Times

    Grandparents buy children dolls, bake them cookies and take them to the zoo. But, increasingly, grandparents also babysit kids until they're old enough for day care, feed them dinner when their parents have to work late and spend a fortune on their college educations.

    Author Olivia Gentile looks at the new reality of American grandparents.