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  1. Baby boomer voters will have major impact on Florida politics

    Life Times

    he baby boomers are coming — and they're about to reshape Florida's political landscape.

    Residents of Top of the World condominiums in Clearwater vote on the 1-cent sales tax increase Tuesday. 

Elections:, Pinellas Co., 1978 Thru 1989
  2. For some, business drive doesn't end

    Life Times


    Advertising-supported ride company Freebee was off to a good start. The 3 ½-year-old company wraps large open-air electric vehicles in advertising and offers free rides around South Beach, Brickell and downtown Miami. The company was doing well enough that founders Kris Kimball and Jason Spiegel dreamed …

    Photo by Daniel Portnoy
  3. Boomers enjoy getting out there for travel and adventure


    We are on the move now more than ever. Whether it's an overnight weekend visit to the beach or a week with the relatives, roughly 99 percent of the 51- to 70-year-olds who responded to an annual online survey by AARP said they planned to travel for leisure at least once this year.

    AARP’s Stephanie Miles says travel is up this year.
  4. Add a stability ball to your routine for better balance, strength


    Bring in the new year with a bounce! If you're getting bored with your exercise routine and would like to jazz it up a little, a stability ball is a fun way to add variety to a traditional workout. You can even use the ball as a weight bench for strength exercises. This big, bouncy ball offers many different exercise …

    Marilyn Johnson demonstrates a squat with the ball overhead.
  5. Inoculate yourself against potential health hazards before you travel


    R.D. Zimmerman had been to northern Africa and the Caribbean, spent lots of time in Russia and visited Mexico multiple times. But a couple of weeks after returning home to Minneapolis from a visit to Cabo, on the southern tip of Baja California, he developed a persistent cough that landed him in the emergency room with …

  6. A conversation with legendary musician Mel Tillis

    Life Times

    Country music singer and songwriter Mel Tillis, 83, still enjoys entertaining. According to his road schedule, he is performing this month in Canada and Nevada, and in January on the Country Music Cruise 2016 from Fort Lauderdale. Here are excerpts of his conversation with Florida Trend magazine's Art Levy.

    Florida native Mel Tillis is pictured in his younger days.
  7. Here's the skinny on abs and fat loss


    "The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy."

    Lok Lee demonstrates a reverse wood shop (photo 2 of 2).
  8. Boomers redefine what it's like to be 'middle-aged'

    Life Times

    Ever watch a 100-meter track and field sprint race? The winner isn't the runner who's accelerating the most at the finish; no, it's the one who's decelerating the least. Well, a similar phenomenon has happened with baby boomers and the aging process.

    JIM DAMASKE   |   Times (2012)
  9. Aging takes center stage

    Life Times

    Don't take aging lying down. That's one of the messages offered by Dr. Bill Thomas, a Harvard-educated physician and author who tours the United States with a stage performance aimed at changing the way seniors see themselves and their lives. His tour, "Age of Disruption: Life's Most Dangerous Game," stopped earlier …

    Dr. Bill Thomas’ show, “Age of Disruption,” offers a new way to think about growing old. 


    It's the season to be merry, but unfortunately, holiday stress seems to want to tag along with all that merriment. Surveys tell us that almost 90 percent of Americans feel that stress. And we know all too well the physical and emotional side effects that can accompany those feelings: elevated blood pressure, aches and …

     For November - Lifetimes exercise demonstration. Barbi Bozich demonstrates a seated side stretch at the Vinoy Renaissance.