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  1. State You're In: A brief history of gyrocopters in the Times; 'Cuba Straits' excerpt; May's by the numbers

    Human Interest

    "Gyrocopter" became a term of interest when Ruskin postal carrier Doug Hughes landed his on the U.S. Capitol lawn last month to deliver letters of protest about campaign finance reform. But the adventures of gyrocopters specifically the Bensen Gyrocopter, named for Russian emigre Dr. Igor Bensen, …

  2. The state you're in: The examined life

    Human Interest


    The examined life

    Mari Ebert worries.

    She worries that, despite all their hard work, her sixth-graders won't do well on Florida's new annual exams, which start Monday.

    “The world’s most unusual cowboy” rides a border collie rounding up sheep at the Silver Spurs midwinter rodeo in Kissimmee.
  3. Floridian: The state you're in

    Human Interest

    Big Numbers

    3: Florida's national rank by population, having just passed New York

    Louis Armstrong appearing at the Manhattan Casino on March 3, 1957. Times photo by Bob Moreland.
  4. Time Capsule: Lucy Chambliss, crack shot, 1962

    Human Interest

    The frame. The pose. The toothy grin. And the gun.

  5. Excerpt: Promoting Florida sunshine, stealthily

    Human Interest

    St. Petersburg has long claimed the distinction of having hired in 1918 the first municipal public relations director in the country. His name was John Lodwick and he had a natural salesman's grasp of how to entice Northerners like himself to a mostly undeveloped point of land on the Gulf of Mexico. Sunshine. His …

    The Municipal Solarium, opened in downtown 
St. Petersburg by the city in 1930, lured sunbathers from around the country.
  6. Debbie and her ring: Reunited, and it feels so good

    Human Interest

    The class ring. It is often one of the first items of value we get when we are young; it is also one of the first items of value we lose — because we are young.

  7. Time Capsule: St. Petersburg, 1925

    Human Interest

    Before the Wallenda family took flight, forming human pyramids high above the ground, crossing tightropes strung between skyscrapers and traversing the Grand Canyon, there was the Human Fly. A swarm of them, actually: daredevils who traveled around gaining fame, though not necessarily fortune, climbing tall buildings …

  8. Notes from the Gunshine State: Florida airports make top 10 for confiscated weapons

    Human Interest

    Last year, two Florida airports made the top 10 list for confiscated weapons, according to a Transportation Safety Administration report. Orlando, with 47, and Fort Lauderdale, with 45, came in eighth and ninth place, respectively. Tampa, aspirational as always, recorded 36 seized …

  9. Word for Word: Love finds a way

    Human Interest

    Dear Friend:

    If you want me for your wife, Send me back this bow of white.

    Through a circuitous route, a piece of typing paper, delicate and yellowing, has made its way into our hands at The State You’re In desk. Dated “Leap Year 1912,” it’s decorated with bows of colored ribbon, now faded, carefully hand-stitched to the page with white thread: an anonymous valentine.
  10. When 'House Hunters' meets 'Ghost Hunters'

    Human Interest

    When you're selling a house, there are two kinds of information: the things you want to tell, and the things you have to. The first are features — granite countertops, hardwood floors. The second are disclosures — roof leaks, lead paint. Most folks would place a ghost solidly in the second category.