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Perfect proms: What would your big night be like?

It's the biggest night of the year for juniors and seniors at high schools around the bay area. No, we're not talking about graduation but prom, which has already happened at some bay area schools but is still on the calendar for others.

Xpress asked some 11th- and 12th-graders what would make the night the best ever.

Marilyn Derr

16, 11th grade,
Wharton High School, Tampa

Where: "Anywhere with space, a lot of room, not crowded, and not hot. It should have clean restrooms, so we can fix our hair when we get too sweaty from dancing."

Attire: "My dress would be classy, something that shows I'm growing up. It should not be sassy like (it is for) homecoming."

Dream date: "My date would be someone important to me. Should be someone meaningful — maybe someone you've been in high school with since the beginning, since prom is the end of high school."

Etc.: "Classic Prom King and Queen dance. Big blow-up screen with a camera that shows everyone dancing; it shows how big the crowd is."

Reflections: "(These would be) memories of (the) last days of senior year, and (of) friends who mean the most to you; and spending the last days with the people you grew up with."

Juan Mendizabal

17, 11th grade, Clearwater Central Catholic

Where: The venue would be "someplace secluded enough so you're not dancing next to a Toys 'R' Us or something."

Attire: He'd wear a bow tie to match his date's dress. He'd wear any color except neon colors.

Dream date: "My date would probably be anyone I knew I could just hang out and have a good time with — someone who I know wouldn't expect anything more than a night of fun, and there wouldn't be any pressure to date or anything . . . Just a close friend, pretty much."

What to eat: There would be some bowls of party mix at the prom, as well as some "sugary stuff" like Sour Skittles.

Etc.: He'd want to do something low-key after the prom. "We would just go to one of my friend's houses and relax and unwind and watch a movie — that's if I don't fall asleep."

Reflections: The limo ride to the prom would be "10 times more hellish" than his ride to homecoming. "It would be dark in the limo, there would be music blaring, and there would be neon lights.''

Dara Chen

16, 11th grade, King High School, Tampa

Where: "Hyatt downtown with an actual red carpet, fake paparazzi to get pictures taken. Inside, a few decorations, drapery, flowers. There would be strobe lights."

Attire: "I would wear a light silver Prada dress that's short. I would get my hair styled at Cameo's, and my shoes at Miu Miu."

Dream date: "Tall, dark and handsome."

What to eat: "There would be chocolate fondue with strawberries."

Etc.: "There would be an after party at a beach house with a bonfire, s'mores and a lot of friends. We would watch movies and everyone would bring their PJ's, and we'd play video games."

Reflections: "Making memories."

Yogesh Patel

17, 12th grade, Southeast High School, Bradenton

Where: "I would like it on a boat, personally, like a mini cruise. I would sky dive into prom, and I would try to rent a Ferrari."

Attire: "I would wear an all-white tuxedo.''

Dream date: "The date shouldn't be crazy wild. She should dance, but not wildly, and try not to dance with other guys without asking permission. She would wear a nice dress that matches the color of my tux. It shouldn't be anything too short or revealing — something nice that makes her look good."

Etc.: "There would be dance competitions and music, as well as local bands and awards for seniors, like 'Best Dressed.' I would want it to be a great night . . . even if it's with a date or not, since it's my senior year."

Reflections: "The after party should be at a beach house that opens right up into the ocean. And not a small one, but a moderate size that can fit a lot of people."

Emily Basford

17, 11th grade, King High School, Tampa

Where: "It would be on a clear starry night on a yacht. You would get there by a horse-drawn carriage, and there would be fireworks and a chocolate fondue fountain . . . really good '80s music."

Attire: "I would have a pink princess dress, but it would look kind of like a ballerina outfit.''

Dream date: "He would be charming and funny, and he would wear a black tuxedo with a gold tie."

What to eat: "Chopped salad — like they have at Outback with walnuts in them . . . vegetables and miniature cheesecake."

Etc.: "There would be palm readings, speed dating, bobbing for apples and darts. A not red, but gold carpet with sparkles on it."

Reflections: "I would like to have lasting memories of really fun games and a lot of dancing — an irreplaceable memory."


16, 11th grade, Freedom High School, Tampa

Where: "I'd go with 20 of my friends in a party limo, arrive in a yacht in St. Pete Beach."

Attire: "My perfect prom would be when my mom's not cheap . . . and she lets me get my hair and makeup and nails done. I'd have a light lacy vintage gown that's stunning — not a sparkly J.C. Penney dress."

Dream date: "My date would be unexpected, someone I didn't think I would go with until the last minute, like a best friend.""Amazing food, like chicken and mashed potatoes; no seafood."

Etc.: "Party at St. Pete Beach in a beach house, and sleep under the stars . . . unlimited rap music."

Reflections: "I would feel what everyone I know is looking for: freedom — doing everything you wanted to do the entire year; making impressions, freedom on the beach."

Kristina Sgrignoli

17, 12th grade, Countryside High School, Clearwater

Where: She would go on a cruise around Tampa Bay before the prom. A jet would land on the shore to pick up her and her closest friends. They would fly to another, more elaborate cruise ship. "It'd be bigger, like a Titanic-y cruise ship with a hot tub and a pool.''

Attire: She would dress like a dolphin, wearing a baby blue, flowy Chanel dress.

Dream date: She wouldn't take a date. "You don't need a guy to have a good time."

What to eat: "You'd have waterfalls that you could get your drink (from). There'd be lobster, and steak and sushi, and people walking around (serving) hors d'oeuvres.''

Etc.: "There would be slides that go into the ocean and lots of animals, like monkeys and lions." The ship would have a Noah's Ark theme. People would wear dresses related to animals, i.e. fur dresses.

Reflections: "At night, all the parents would have gotten on the cruise ship, and we would wake up to a big thing of breakfast."

Mohamad Cheikhali

17, 11th grade, King High School, Tampa

Where: "A good location that is easily accessible, open to more than just people from the school, but way better than any other school dance. It shouldn't be anything like homecoming."

Attire: "I'd get all the guys to wear tuxedos. I would wear a tuxedo that's lime green."

Dream date: "She would dress matching me . . . lime green. She'd be funny, easy to talk to, but I'm not really picky about that kind of stuff."

What to eat: "(There would be) lots of good food; food is important to me. I'd make sure it was safe and make sure everyone doesn't drink."

Etc.: "For events . . . people should stay nice looking, so nothing like a pie-eating contest. Dance competitions would be good."

Xi Yu, 17, 11th grade, King High School, is in the Poynter High School Writing Program in St. Petersburg.

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