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  1. Planning a visit to Cuba? You better find a guy to help you


    Anyone traveling on their own in Cuba needs to "know a guy."

    A horse-drawn carriage tour is a relaxing way to enjoy Varadero’s azure sky and water.
  2. Historic home of late Florida Gov. LeRoy Collins finally opening



    After repeated delays, the mansion that was once home to one of Florida's most well-regarded governors is finally going to swing open its doors to the public.

    The Grove symbolizes much of Florida’s terrible past and transformation. It was built in the 1800s by Richard Keith Call, one of the state’s early territorial governors, using slave labor.
  3. Tales from a train: Travelers share stories of their journey


    Where are you traveling on this train? And where are you traveling in life?

    Two women take photos of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the California Zephyr train last month. AP Tampa correspondent Tamara Lush spent 15 days traveling via train across the U.S. as part of Amtrak's residency program, designed for creative professionals to spend time writing on the rails. She spoke with dozens of people -- fellow travelers, friends and family waiting for loved one at stations, train workers -- and filed occasional dispatches for the Tales on a Train project. [Tamara Lush | Associated Press]