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  1. Trans-Atlantic cruise from Miami to England a memorable journey


    At dinner the second night on the ship, it became clear there was something special about this type of cruise. • "Is this your first trans-Atlantic cruise?" the British woman sitting to my left inquired. Yes, I replied, asking if she and her husband had been on one before. "This is our 40th," she said. • …

    A trans-Atlantic cruise provides ample time to enjoy onboard activities.
  2. Oldest ever giant panda celebrates with bamboo, veggie cake


    HONG KONG — The oldest giant panda ever in captivity tasted a vegetable ice cake and, of course, bamboo in celebration of her 37th birthday.

    Giant panda Jia Jia tastes her birthday cake made with ice and vegetables at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Tuesday, July 28, 2015 as she celebrates her 37-year-old birthday. Jia Jia broke the Guinness World Records title for "Oldest Panda Living in Captivity" on Tuesday. [KIN CHEUNG | AP]
  3. In Mostar, a bridge spans war and peace


    MOSTAR, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The scars of war remain around every corner in this tranquil river valley town, though they can be easy to miss amid the sea of camera-carrying tourists.

    In Mostar, a small city nearly three hours by train from Sarajevo, the main attraction is the Old Bridge, where boys jump off — and into the icy cold Neretva — to prove they’re men.