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World Travel

  1. Attractions and growing culinary scene help the Irish city of Waterford reinvent itself



    Name Ireland's most famous product.

    The other one.

    Yes, Guinness beer goes back to 1759 with Arthur Guinness heading to Dublin sweatily clutching the 100 pounds inherited from his godfather, Archbishop Price.

    Waterford, Ireland, has a number of must-see attractions, from the 12th century landmark Reginald’s Tower to the Medieval Museum.
  2. Take a trip through time at the nation's presidential libraries


    The nation's 13 presidential libraries are actually archives and museums where the documents and artifacts of a president and administration are housed for public research and study. • The library system is overseen by the Office of Presidential Libraries, in the National Archives and Records Administration. The …

    The George W. Bush Library Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas includes a 9/11 display.
  3. Retired Tampa neurosurgeon travels around the world by land and sea


    Why go around the world? I have no singular reason to relate. But I did it last year, in large part I suppose for the romance and adventure. I think there is still lots of adventure to be had in this life and one must go out and seek it.

    Leshan, China, is home to the tallest stone Buddha sculpture in the world. It’s 233 feet and was carved out of a cliff during the Tang Dynasty.