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  1. Celebrating the holidays the way Colombians do


    Plans for a holiday trip to Colombia started the previous New Year's Eve, after my husband and I ran through our Tampa area neighborhood with empty backpacks at midnight.

    More than 2 million people visited the picturesque country of Colombia in 2010, according to World Tourism Organization figures.
  2. Visits to all 13 Disney parks reveals it's a small world after all


    Some people loathe Disney World, and I understand why. The artificiality, all those people gnawing on turkey legs, the standing in line, that infernal It's a Small World song looping and looping — I get it.

    A colorful performance at Hong Kong Disneyland is set against the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
  3. Veteran hikes the Appalachian Trail, canoes the Mississippi

    Human Interest


    His job wasn't difficult, but it wore on him all the same. He craved adventure. He had to do something. That something, it turned out, was hiking the venerable Appalachian Trail in an unbroken streak from Georgia to Maine and, that not being enough, paddling a green canoe from the headwaters of the …

    Jared McCallum leans out at the edge of McAfee Knob, a noted stop on Catawba Mountain in Roanoke County, Va., on May 20 while hiking the Appalachian Trail.