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  1. Tampa Bay lands cover of state's LGBT travel guide


    Two men, hand in hand, walk down a nighttime street, their path illuminated by a bright movie marquee. This glossy shot is the cover of Florida's new LGBT Getaway Guide, which will reach some 225,000 potential tourists across the United States.

    St. Pete Pride and other events helped put the bay area on the cover of the LGBT travel guide.
  2. PolitiFact Florida: Do killer whales live as long at SeaWorld as in the wild? (w/video)

    State Roundup

    More and more, critics are making the case that keeping killer whales in captivity is harmful to the animals and dangerous for the people who train them. SeaWorld, the theme park that showcases the trained whales, is now fighting back.

  3. Snap a selfie with Don Draper


    NEW YORK — Mad Men selfie, anyone?

    Actor Jon Hamm, who plays Draper, helped unveil the bench dedicated to Mad Men in front of New York’s Time & Life Building on March 23. The bench features a silhouette of the adman.
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