On the Camino de Santiago, a Tampa Bay woman chronicles her 500-mile walk along 'The Way'

Published July 5 2017
Updated July 17 2017

Day 1: (France) St. Jean Pied de Port to Orisson - 7.8 km - 3.5 hours

Much of today was spent looking down. Looking down for markers guiding the way. Looking down so as not to fall. Looking down to catch my breath. Looking down to avoid stepping in droppings from my fellow four-footed pilgrims. Looking down to enjoy a hard-earned lunch.

And, in case you were wondering ...

Why am I doing the Camino? I am walking because my body and spirit are able. An attempt to walk 500 miles over 33 days is a physically demanding endeavor for anyone. For me, I hope to challenge my body and practice my discipline and spiritual stamina. I am letting go of all expectations and all preconceived notions. I am trusting completely in myself, my fellow pilgrims and in the Camino to provide all that I need.

This is where I belong.

Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi

The first "official" step of the journey.

Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi

A pilgrim's lunch.

Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi

The official Camino passport, which gets stamped at each stop along the way.

Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi, 29, of St. Petersburg, FL., is a teacher at Country Day School in Largo, FL. She is currently in Europe walking the 500-mile Camino De Santiago. She is sending us a daily blog post about her solo journey, which is expected to last 33 days.

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