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Vintage Times

  1. A Cry in the Night


    Almost 25 years after a murder shocked the little city of Gulfport, the man convicted of the killing hopes that DNA evidence can clear him.

    Karen Gregory, shown with her boyfriend David Mackey in 1983. A year later, Gregory was murdered inside her Gulfport home, stabbed repeatedly. During the assault, she let out a terrible cry that broke the silence of the surrounding neighborhood.
  2. Angels & Demons


    On June 4, 1989, the bodies of Jo, Michelle and Christe Rogers were found floating in Tampa Bay. This is the story of the murders and their aftermath, a story of a handful of people who kept faith amid the unthinkable.

  3. Metal to bone: This time, a gun is held to an officer's head — by a teen — but doesn't go off

    Human Interest

    • "Metal to bone," a three-part special series, was first published by the Times on May 2-4, 1993.



    Using a blackboard, Officer Lisa Bishop explains to the six-member jury where she was standing in the Ponce de Leon housing complex when she was attacked. “I remember hearing feet. Someone had bent me over. I remember feeling a body against me. A hard object was pressed to the back of my head near my ear. I felt that if I moved the gun would go off.” “What happened next?”  “I heard a click.”
  4. Rampaging rooster attacks girl

    Human Interest

    • This story first published in the Times on Oct. 4, 2002.



    Dechardonae Gaines, 2, was still shaken days after a neighborhood rooster knocked her down near her home in Tarpon Springs.
  5. Tampa teen arrested in connection to puppy theft


    THONOTOSASSA — Deputies announced the arrest of a teen Friday who earlier this month was accused of stealing a pit bull puppy from a home, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said.

  6. Bradfordville Blues Club in woods near Tallahassee a soulful secret

    Human Interest


    At the close of the work week, when the stars come out and the Christmas lights twinkle on and the headlights start to race through the pines and past the KEEP OUT signs, you'll find Gary Anton in his pop-bottle glasses and hippy hair-halo rushing around the Bradfordville Blues Club like a monk on …

  7. Florida's vanishing springs


    North of Gainesville, a church camp once attracted thousands of visitors because it was built around the gushing waters of Hornsby Springs. Then the spring stopped flowing and the camp had to spend more than $1 million to build a water park to replace it. The old spring site is now so stagnant that it's frequently …

    Marine biologist Jenny Adler of Gainesville photographs algae in Silver Glen Springs. The rise in saltiness of the springs, which is far inland in the Ocala National Forest, and other freshwater springs, is causing concern for the longterm health of Florida’s drinking water.
  8. Homer's odyssey: For cartoonist living in shelters and on street, home is where the art is



    Times Staff Writer


    Every morning, after he packs his pillow from whatever beach or bridge has been his bed, after he pedals to the Salvation Army to get a free cup of coffee, after he parks his old bike outside the Mirror Lake Library, Rick Lewis walks …

    Rick Lewis, 52, spends most hot days at the Mirror Lake Library staying cool and drawing a cartoon called Homer the Homeless. The style is reminiscent of R. Crumb’s 1970s hippie comics, featuring Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural. “When I was growing up, those comic books were always around our trailer park,” he says. “They always cracked me up.”
  9. Mixed-race teen in the middle: who will she choose?

    Human Interest

    Her dark eyes scanned the fluorescent-lit lunchroom, locking onto her friends in the center of the chaos. Her thoughts sprayed in many directions: the upcoming eighth-grade formal, a surprisingly bad grade she recently got on an English paper, her role in the school play.

  10. Music reunites two Russian piano teachers in Clearwater

    Human Interest

    CLEARWATER — Alah Rozanovsky was in the hallway of her senior apartment building, getting her mail, when she first heard the music. Someone was in the bingo room, playing that old upright piano. Someone who really knew how to play.

    Valentina Kits, 67, left, and Alah Rozanovsky, 65, were piano teachers at the same school, at the same time, in Kiev, Ukraine, in the 1970s.