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Vintage Times

  1. Florida's vanishing springs


    North of Gainesville, a church camp once attracted thousands of visitors because it was built around the gushing waters of Hornsby Springs. Then the spring stopped flowing and the camp had to spend more than $1 million to build a water park to replace it. The old spring site is now so stagnant that it's frequently …

    The murkiness of Wakulla Springs near Tallahassee, famous for its glass-bottom boat tours, often makes the tours impossible. The springs were improving under the now-unfunded Springs Initiative.
  2. Three years later, 'The Girl in the Window' learns to connect

    Human Interest

    LEBANON, Tenn.

    For a few minutes, the school bus sat outside the old farmhouse. The driver looked out, waiting for someone to come. The girl in the front seat sucked her fist and stared through the window. • The driver honked. He couldn't just open the door and let this child into the afternoon sunshine. Who …

    Dani has a brief interaction with friends Emily Burkett, 12, Bailey Brown, 16, and Emily’s dad, David Burkett, at the Wilson County Fair. Bailey, who goes to the same church as Dani, got excited when she saw her, pointing, smiling and high-fiving her.
  3. Lawsuit over teen's death could hinge on the tale of a tape


    MIAMI — Nine years ago, law enforcement officials in Polk County declared the death of Miles White, 16, a tragic accident caused by the driver of the car in which he was a passenger.

    A self-portrait of Miles White hangs in the living room of the Polk County home of his parents, Gary and Jamie White. Miles White, left, was killed in a 2002 Polk County car crash, which his parents say was caused by a sheriff’s deputy bumping his car.
  4. From pill mill to prison, doctor says prescription drug arrest saved his life


    MONTGOMERY, Ala. — When a police officer knocked on the door of Dr. Kevin Denny's home around 9 one morning in 2009, Denny opened it barefoot and bleary eyed, wearing a terry cloth robe. Cars were being broken into in his Pinellas County beach neighborhood, said the officer. Could Denny come out and check …

    Denny was all-conference in four sports in high school in Kansas City.
  5. Diving headlong into a sunny paradise

    Human Interest

    They woke to the sun streaming through the bus windows. He glanced out the glass and grinned. She buried her face in his sweatshirt. "Too bright." He remembers every detail. They were curled together on the front seat of the Greyhound, between his battered duffel bag and her Hannah Montana purse. For three days, they …

    Jenna drapes a T-shirt over her head to shield her pale skin from the fierce sun of the Florida afternoon.
  6. A stray of a man creates a huge cat family in Madison County

    Human Interest


    In the middle of a pine forest, behind a chain-link fence, saunters a man in Wranglers and a black cowboy hat. Behind him, a tiny dirt path meanders between doll-sized houses in butter yellow, pistachio green and tangerine orange. Behind him, swarming through this surreal miniature village, cats.


    This cat lives among hundreds at the ranch. People bring in unwanted cats from all over. Craig Grant requires that they be neutered and vaccinated and collects a $150 donation toward their care.
  7. Mansion proves to be more than a roof over their heads

    Human Interest

    TARPON SPRINGS — Trese Canham swung open her Brazilian oak front door, smiled at a woman who had come to look at her rooms for rent.

    Trese Canham, 41, center, talks with tenant Nichole Feirick, 20, of Grand Rapids, Mich., left, and Feirick’s mother, Michelle Vidro, 49, and brother Max Feirick, 10, at Canham’s home. College students and a single mother with children now rent space at the Canhams’ home in north Pinellas.
  8. Major study says oil plume in Gulf of Mexico not going away


    Scientists on Thursday reported finding a plume of oil the size of Manhattan beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, a plume that's sticking around a lot longer than anyone expected and that poses a threat to marine life.

  9. The prom was lovely, but Seymour Breines had already danced his last dance

    Human Interest

    ST. PETERSBURG — When they came to get Seymour, he was still shaving.

    Seymour Breines, 94, seated, enjoys Evan Longoria’s home run with Ray Teasdale, a Menorah Manor employee, during Wednesday’s Senior Prom for Senior Citizens day.
  10. One teen boy, two teen girls, and homicide

    Human Interest


    Sarah Ludemann couldn't stop crying.

    Sarah Ludemann’s cell phone was filled with photos of Josh Camacho. Other images included cartoons about loving and missing her man. The pictures are part of police evidence.