Florida Politics

NRA’s Marion Hammer opens fire (again) on assault weapons amendment

New legalize pot in Florida initiative announces petition drive

It’s official: Cross-Bay Ferry is coming back

Florida Legislature special session on gun reform: Here’s how your lawmakers are voting

Old feuds die hard: Bob Buckhorn and Bill Carlson trade barbs on Twitter and in the media

PolitiFact: Donald Trump distorts U.S.-Japan trade

PolitiFact: Why would President Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?

Florida education officials seek more money for security

After long delay, Florida joins national voter registration database

Rick Kriseman, Jimmy Patronis have a war of tweets over a city firefighter with cancer

In bid to get his job back, ex-Broward sheriff says he’s not to blame for mass shootings

Amendment 4 study: Vast majority of Florida felons still owe money while race gap persists

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