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During his bid for governor, Democrat Andrew Gillum has reminded voters constantly that he isn't a millionaire like some of the other candidates who sought the office.

But a review of property and tax records shows that Gillum is paying extra taxes when he doesn't need to. The Tallahassee mayor has failed to claim a homestead exemption on a nearly 3,200-square-foot home he owns with his wife in a suburban neighborhood located in the northeast part of the state capital.

When asked about it this week, Gillum was unaware he had not claimed an exemption for the house he bought for more than $400,000 in late 2014.

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Andrew Gillum came to Broward County on Friday to raise money and talk about guns.

Sheriff Scott Israel helped him with one, but not so much the other.

Appearing outside his campaign's Plantation office to unveil an endorsement from gun-control group Every Town for Gun Safety Action Front, the Democratic nominee for governor parried questions about whether he has confidence in the embattled sheriff and softly deflected criticisms from the father of a slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who ripped his appearance at a morning fundraiser with Israel.

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Way back on June 25, Ron DeSantis released his first TV ad as he faced off with Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam for the Republican nomination for governor.

His first words in the ad, as he introduced himself to Florida voters: "Ron DeSantis, Iraq war veteran."

Three months later, DeSantis is the GOP nominee and continues to tour the state, trying to convince voters to choose him over the Democrats' surprise victor, Andrew Gillum.

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John Hickenlooper found himself right at home at St. Petersburg's Flying Boat Brewery.

The Democratic governor of Colorado was at establishment to participate in an informal discussion about how to grow small businesses with the Democratic nominee for Florida lieutenant governor, Chris King. But when Flying Boat employees gave the politicians a tour the facility, Hickenlooper couldn't help but weigh in.

"If I could just interrupt, because I've given this tour at least a thousand time," Hickenlooper said before listing the ingredients of beer and likening their interaction during the brewing process to human copulation. "I would always say…it's essentially like you're throwing a giant orgy. And like any orgy, you want to make sure the only people there are the ones you invited."

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Rep. Matt Caldwell, Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, challenged his Democratic opponent on Friday morning to debate — but Fried's campaign contended they've already offered dates to debate that the Caldwell campaign declined.

In a letter to Fort Lauderdale attorney and marijuana lobbyist Nikki Fried, Caldwell proposed two debates: one on CBS4 in Miami, and the second at an undetermined location.

The Miami date, which will be moderated by CBS4 reporter Jim DeFede, has not yet been set.

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The Janet Cruz campaign is opening a new line of attack against state District 18 Republican Sen. Dana Young, suggesting Young has sponsored legislation that benefits her husband's investments in the craft beer industry.

Young has developed a reputation as a champion of the craft brewing industry, sponsoring legislation to make it easier for small breweries to retail their products.

Now Democrats charge that while Young has been pursuing that legislation, the Mangrove Partners equity firm run by her husband, Matt Young, has acquired bottling and canning companies that serve the industry.

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