We launched our monthly Florida Insider Poll this week and learned that conventional wisdom among Sunshine State political elites has it that U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis is the most conservative among Republicans running or seriously looking at running for governor; that another major GOP gubernatorial candidate is widely expected to emerge; and that neither Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum nor trial lawyer John Morgan are likely to be running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination a year from now.

One of our favorite parts of these non-scientific surveys are the comments (We allow anonymous participation in this rare instance to encourage honesty). This month we also asked the Florida Insiders to “name a rising political star in Florida politics you expect we will be talking a lot about in the future.”

Here’s what we heard:

D: Gillum’s chances of winning the nomination fade more with time. The question for the young politician is, does he risk a terrible showing or does he bow out early? Neither option isn’t without risk, but a withdraw might be better than coming in 3rd or 4th. I do wonder if Gillum might be doing some polling back in Tallahassee to see if he can go back and run for re-election as Mayor.

R: Will Weatherford. Pepi Diaz. Carlos Curbelo.

R: Chris Sprowls....Will the gubernatorial race be about ideology or aspirations. Strangely, the St. Pete mayor’s race may provide a clue. Krisemen is running a party and progressive campaign; Baker is running an aspirational campaign, much like Reagan and his “city on the hill.”″ ... I would love to see a candidate who runs on the premise of what they hope to do and where he or she wants to lead us. I don’t want a candidate who says vote for me because I am the most conservative or most progressive candidate. It would be nice to see a candidate with a political vision, instead on one who only sees right and left.

D: Carlos Guillermo Smith...Carlos Guillermo Smith is one of Florida’s brightest young political stars. He is a tireless advocate for all of his constituents regardless of political belief and has shown he is capable of reaching across the aisle to achieve common sense solutions without sacrificing his core principals or beliefs. I expect he is someone we will be talking about more frequently as his tenure progresses.

D: Val Demings

R: Christiam Ziegler....The minor leagues are bare for the Democrats, but they do have many interesting young people who may someday be impacting. But, in the meantime, the GOP still holds a strong edge on experience

D: Chris King

R: Ashley Moody...In answering “no” to other candidates getting in to the gubernatorial race on either side, I’m only referring to major candidates. Florida has a tradition of gadfly candidates getting onto the primary ballot over the years (Rocky de la Fuente, Bob Kunst, etc) so I certainly expect we will see a few on the ballot in both the D and R primaries.

R: President Adam Putnam 2024

R: Ashley Moody

R: Rodney Barreto

R: The current political environment (both sides of the political aisle) is not particularly user friendly for career politicians. Elected officials are viewed much less favorably now, than in previous years. It will be interesting to see if more non-career, self-funding candidates (successful business men and women) run for elected office (at either local, state or federal levels) in the 2018 and 2020 election cycles.

R: Nick Primrose

R: Lenny Curry

R: Rubio’s stock is rising. Putnam has a chance. Either could fix this mess our country is in!...Corcoran gives the Republicans something to think about, but when they see he’s a schill for the K Bros, the tides roll toward the more moderate conservative Putnam.

D: Stephanie Murphy

D: Congressman Ted Deutch

R: Will Weatherford

D: Jose Javier Rodriguez if he wins his election

R: Jimmy Patronis

D: Nick Duran...obvious choices are people like Chris Sprowls and JJR, but looking into the future in the legislature, two Miami young guys, one Dem, one GOP, who are impressive: Bryan Avila & Nick Doran. Both guys like big issues, and are well respected by their colleagues. And both have nothing but time for their careers. Also, on the R side, people like Danny Burgess, Jay Trumbull and Erin Grall all have nice paths to Congress, and in the D side, David Silvers, Al Jacquet, and Sean Shaw are all bright, ambitious, and in parts of the state where the chess board of opportunities provide a long trajectory....Chris King should run for CFO, not because I support another candidate, but because I want to see him succeed. ...Trump won’t leave, except if forced out by voters or congress, and even then he might not leave easily.

D: No but there sure are a lot of wannabes...Nobody but us political nerds are paying attention right now and not only because real people are busy trying to earn a living and raise their families - they are fed up with the Demopublicans and the Republicrats and unlike any other service provider they deal with where they can just shop elsewhere, they are stuck with this/us.

R: Ashley Moody .... The Trump factor is and will be huge in all elections, even on a local level.

D: Vance Aloupis -- State House candidate from Miami....he will be Governor in the future.

R: Will Weatherford

R: Rep. Manny Diaz, Jr.

R: Carlos Curbelo

R: too early.......wait one year

R: Chris Sprowls

R: Ashley Moody

D: Chris Castro, Carlos Smith, Anna Eskamani

R: Noted that your questions did not include which of the contenders in the Democratic gubernatorial primary is most genuinely liberal, or progressive.

D: Mary Barzee Flores....I’m trying to keep political prognostication to a minimum since I’ve been so wrong as of late. But my one prediction for the 2018 cycle is that Adam Putnam will not be the Republican nominee for Governor next year. He’s the Jeb Bush/Hillary Clinton of the field: all the money, all the endorsements, all the establishment, and no clue what the angry, enthusiastic base of his party actually wants in a candidate. My corollary prediction is that it will be someone whose name isn’t being mentioned currently.

R: Brandon Patty

R: Joel Greenberg

D: Calos Guillermo Smith, Anna Eskamani

R: Will Weatherford...The GOP primary is going to be a mess. The issues in Florida are bigger than a sound bite. The horrific hurricane in Texas illuminates that you have to have a chief executive who can manage a large state budget & all its assets.

R: Brian Mast

Jose Felix Diaz

D: Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith

R: Ashley Moody

D: Rep. Shevrin Jones....Shevrin is a potential future U.S. Senate candidate in 2020 - young, eloquent, principled, pragmatically liberal.

D: Gary Farmer

R: Lenny Curry...Putnam should be scared of Ron DeSantis in the Governor’s race. DeSantis fires up the conservative base more than Putnam does and can raise the national conservative money that Putnam can’t.

R: Francis Suarez

R: Brian Mast, Pepe Diaz...The Republican primary for Governor is far from settled. It’s going to be a tumultuous primary.

NPA: Pepe Diaz

D: Ida Eskamani

D: Rep. Colleen Burton

R: Javier Manjerres

D: Lenny Curry....Mayor Curry is transforming the city of Jacksonville and I think will be a big player in the next decade of Florida politics. Previously seen as hyper-partisan he now might actually have the type of bipartisan or nonpartisan profile to run statewide in a cycle after 2018.

R: Chris Sprowls

D: Sean Shaw....Sean Shaw is proving to be the rising star democrats need. He is smart, outspoken, and willing to stand up for issues he believes in. He is definitely one to watch.

D: Matthew Van Name

R: Paul Renner

R: Chris Sprowls

D: Jeff Brandes....It isn’t easy to define “most genuinely conservative” any longer unless you mean the practiced ideology that hurts the most people.

R: Lenny Curry...This governor’s race is Adam Putnam’s to lose. However, his recent actions (“sellout” to NRA, shut down CNN tweet, etc) in trying to swing hard to the right are tarnishing his brand as a sensible conservative leader. In the era of Trump, we are looking for some semblance of sanity, not more fuel for the current crazy state of affairs.

D: Andrew Warren

R: Jimmy Patronis. Sensible. Honorable. Bright.

D: Darden Rice

D: Anna Eskamani

R: Will Weatherford

R: Pepe Diaz

R: Paul Renner

R: Frank White...Democrats are overplaying their hand with Trump in a way not seen since a little boy traumatized a village with his constant cries of “WOLF.” When every move the president makes is breathlessly reported as the end of society as we know it, people eventually tune out the “news” and watch Big Bang Theory reruns instead.

D: Anna Eskamani

D: Asima Azan (current candidate for Orlando City Commission who is in position to beat a long-time incumbent) ....Following next year’s sure-to-be tempestuous Republican gubernatorial primary, the GOP may be sorry that it abolished the run-off election back in the last decade. Given the likely national environment in 2018, a far-right Republican nominee by plurality will have a much tougher time extending the party’s hold on the Governor’s Mansion.

R: Chris Sprowls, Ashley Moody

D: It is sad to say that I cannot name a rising star. There is a dearth of honest talent on all sides.

R: Chris Sprowls

NPA: Matt Hangman...We will see many people who have never been career politicians run for office, and with the current atmosphere, if they have the right intentions and charisma, they will have a chance.

R: James Grant...People might underestimate him because of his age but he’s very sharp -- a real policy wonk -- and genuinely conservative without being a Trumper. May just be the perfect balance for the current times

R: Tim Parson

D: Anna Eskamani...

R: Paul Renner...Putnam is the qualified man to beat. Save us all from Speaker Corcoran’s run for Governor! He is not qualified. To cover his lacking resume, he uses antagonism and grand standing without the background or moxie to back it up. DeSantis - who is not well liked personally but gives a great “red meat” stump speech and donor plea- would do well to stay in the Congressional seat he seems so eager to shed. He seems to either be bored with or takes his good fortune for granted. One wonders if DeSantis had not had such a cushy win if he would appreciate his current position more.

D: Kathy Castor

R: John Morgan...Morgan is the elephant in the room even though he’s a democrat/donkey

R: State Rep Mike Miller (R) Orlando -Smart, respected, nice and plays well w/ Dems. He even picked up the endorsement of dem mayor Buddy Dyer in last year’s House contest. Despite being as “All American” as Ward Cleaver, with a lawyer wife, two kids, Gator baseball player in the 80s; he was strongly supported by LGBT Community after Pulse terrorist attack. Miller is running against Freshman Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, expect him to win with Democrat support.

R: Jose Felix Diaz....Beware incumbents and career politicians. The age of an independent, independently wealthy candidate is here to stay and will continue to shape future elections moving forward.

R: Joe Gruters....For a freshman in the Legislature, Joe Gruters is one to watch. He continues to hold true to his conservative credentials while shrewdly navigating difficult political waters.

R: Paul Renner

D: Putnam is a clear front runner early on, but makes some baffling if not dumb campaign statements. Latvala would be the best voice to represent all republicans in FL. Corcoran seems like the smartest tactition in the room, to a fault. Desantis ...don’t know much about him, which speaks for itself.

R: Matt Gaetz....For an out of the box theory, watch for Bill Nelson to move to the Governor’s race at the last min and Crist to run for US Senate.For an out of the box theory, watch for Bill Nelson to move to the Governor’s race at the last min and Crist to run for US Senate.

D: Andrew Warren....Your first question, “Which of the following Republican gubernatorial prospects is the most genuinely conservative”, is tough to answer, because I don’t think I know what a conservative is any more.

R: No one on horizon

R: Paul Renner....New Speaker to be will be a great leader who will do great things for our state.

R: Isn’t the real question “who isn’t going to be on the 2018 Primary Ballot?” I would be shocked if we don’t see a self-funder jump in to the Republican Primary.

Similarly I would be surprised if John Morgan entered the race on the Democrat Primary. Morgan has more to gain by people talking about him running than by actually entering the race. The risk verse reward for Morgan is lopsided, he has almost nothing to gain by running or actually winning. Can we talk about Gillum??? I’m shocked that the campaign is even still operational. The hits just keep on coming for that guy. His only benefit of remaining in the race is to decry all of the information being leaked, regarding the federal investigation, as political assaults.

NPA: Anna Eskamani is running for the Democratic nomination for Florida House District 47 (an open seat since incumbent Republican Mike Miller is leaving it to run for Congress - it is a swing seat that was previously held by Democrat Linda Stewart). Anna... was president of the political science honor society (among many other activities). She was awarded UCF highest undergraduate honor - Order of Pegasus - when she graduated. Anna is exceptionally bright and is currently working on her PhD in Public Affairs at UCF. She serves as Public Affairs and Communications Director for Planned Parenthood of Central and Southwest Florida and was recently named to the statewide board of the Florida League of Women Voters. She is a dynamo, raising money at a rapid pace, holding numerous events, and is very passionate about progressive causes. If Anna wins this swing seat, and I would bet that she probably will, she will become a tireless advocate for progressive issues in the legislature and energize the Democratic party. She is the type of young candidate that the Democratic Party needs if they are going to actually get competitive in the legislature. Watch out for Anna Eskamani - she definitely qualifies as a rising political star in Florida politics.

D: Kathy Castor

D: Anna Eskamani

NPA: Marco Rubio.....Florida’s junior U.S. Senator, who recently cake-walked to term two, remains popular, always in demand, with growing national influence. Gosh, for Republican voters, what’s not to like about the up-and-coming Marco Rubio, a youthful age 46?

D: Anna Eskamani

D: Carlos Guillermo Smith....Rep. Guilerrmo Smith has a bright future for many reasons, but namely because he is one of the only (D)s in the state House or Senate that still has some fight in him and hasn’t just resigned to being a passive member of the minority party. He also gives great interviews and floor speeches.

NPA: Vance Aloupis and Joe Durson....I’m assuming when you ask “no other”, you are excluding fringe candidates, of which there are always many. And I think the bigger question is how we define “conservative” now - is it limited government? Is it conservative morality? Is it nationalism vs globalism? Is it working class white vs other classes/races/ethnicities? Those different meanings you to all conflate together, but I think we’ve been seeing for the last 18 months that they don’t necessarily hold together.....Had a great conversation with a local R official just last night in which he sounded pretty sure Trump won’t be on the ballot in 2020, but I just can’t see how we get to that point....I put down Pepi Diaz for rising star first, and I don’t think Senate is his last stop, but he may be too well known to qualify, so I put down Joe Durso (running for Seminole County Commission) and Vance Aloupis (running for state house) because they both come from a children’s advocacy background on the R side. If we are ever to get beyond this moment of partisan tribalism, it will be fresh voices like these who bring both conservative and social concern bona fides that lead the way.

R: Will Weatherford....The Republican field is probably set, unless a self funder comes in. The problem with self funding is those folks almost always have baggage. A lot.

D: Javier Rodriguez Ben Diamond

D: Anna Eskamani, candidate for HD 47

R: Lenny Curry

D: Dan Daley

NPA: Carlos Curbelo...I hope Governor Scott stops the wasteful spending of buying $5000 palm trees for Florida’s roadways from a south Florida nursery scam. This money will be much better spent on reducing tolls, easing congestion and improving mobility.

D: I’m not sure either qualifies as a Rising Star but I do believe that both will have the potential for higher office: Lauren Book (D) and Will Weatherford and Jose Oliva as (R)....What is a “genuinely” conservative Repub? Putnam seems to be the most mainstream Republican. He’s what might have been referred in the past as a “Country Club” Republican, not to be used as a perjorative. He’s consistent, fairly predictable but pragmatic in his views. He’s also sometimes willing to think “outside-the-box” which is helpful.

Morgan, I predict, won’t run because he’s just looking for any publicity. He would be bored by the slow pace of government and he can do as much, if not more by agitating from the outside.

D: Dan Daley

R: Vern Buchanan, Jr running for state house in sarasota....For all the chatter, Republicans still have a higher turnout in off year elections and that is why they will win. Rick Scott arguably the worst candidate in america still beat two good candidates SInk and Crist. Florida is not purple off cycle.

R: Jose Oliva....The voters will most likely take a u-turn on voting for outsiders...voter turn out and registration will be increased significantly

D: Melissa McKinley, Sean Shaw, Darden Rice

R: Tom Lee as he challenges the Governor’s choice for CFO and wins the Primary

R: That is a good question, not sure I have one off top of my head....I think Carlos Curbello in Miami has a lot of potential ....Trump will not be the nominee if Republicans can limit primary opposition to one person, maybe two, if too many get in he will win of course with his “base”

R: Wilton Simpson

D: Rep. Stephanie Murphy

D: Andrew Warren, Hillsborough State Attorney

R: Evan Power....The Gillum train has derailed fallen off a cliff and is now a raging inferno of failure to launch.

D: Chris King...It’s unfortunate that in such a divisive time there is no candidate for the Democratic nominee for Governor who is inspiring a lot of excitement with their ability to hit back against President Trump. America is at a crossroads and for a candidate to be successful (fingers crossed) on the Democratic ticket they are going to need to clearly define what it means to unite and build an inclusive Florida where everyone is accepted and where diversity is embraced.

R: Jay Fant

D: Chris King

R: Chris Sprowls

R: Chris Sprowls

D: Jane Castor...Anyone that believes Adam Putnam has a golden ticket for the GOP should ask Bill mucollum

R: Anna Brosche

R: Ashley Moody

R: Mike Griffin of Tampa

R: Will Weatherford

D: Oliver Gilbert Mayor of Miami Gardens

D: Jose Felix Diaz....Pepe Diaz is one of the most skilled and smartest politicians I’ve seen in a long time. If he wins the overwhelmingly Democratic Senate seat (and I think he will) He should become Senate President, and would be the right type of politician to be a leader in Florida for decades. He’s conservative enough to make Republicans happy, but mostly moderate, and will attract lots of Democratic votes. The only question would be if he can win R primaries, but he just won one by a large margin....I don’t see a D self-funder, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one comes out for the R primary. Corcoran isn’t a real conservative, but would say anything to win. Latvala’s only chance is if Desantis and Corcoran battle for the extreme right vote, Putnam keeps moving to the right to challenge that, leaving the cemter-right alone to Latvala, who is really smart. I remain underwhelmed by the D candidates for Governor. Graham should be my choice, but she reminds me too much of Alex Sink. D’s best chance is still the drunk guy.

D: Chis King is the rising star. I hope there are others as the Democrats not all the help they can get.

D: I think if Annette wins she will finally be able to overcome the stigma of losing and think she will probably be able build quite a profile in Tallahassee and to a degree get some things done. I also think Chris King, if he does not secure the nomination will be seen as a young, energetic and innovative leader in the Democratic Party. I am obviously partial but truly believe he brings some much needed new perspective/energy to the Democratic Party.

D: Erwin Jackson

D: Adam Smith

R: Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry

D: Anders Croy...Anders is a rising communications talent who came up in the Florida Democratic Party, and is now honing his craft running comms for Leader Janet Cruz and the House Democrats. He’s young -- but he’s smart and ruthless. Expect a contest for his services from all the statewide campaigns.

R: Jay Fant and Lauren Book

R: Charlie Crist...trump quits in 2018; Corcoran gets the backing of the trial bar (to go with his marriage to AFP) and becomes a strong challenge for Putnam but most of Florida won’t buy the Adam’s a career guy; once he gets in front of everyone, which he’s well on his way to accomplishing, the Party will nominate him. Graham is the nominee on the other side and Daddy shows up with her everywhere; so happy she can wear a publix apron or work the dock lines at Port Everglades but folksy won’t work in 2018; she’s got very little depth on the issues important to Floridians and Levine has coin. Going to be a brutal primary and Gwen limps into the general.

D: I believe John Morgan will run. While he normally loves attention, I sense that he is looking for a way to leave his mark on history. Simply making money is not enough any longer to stoke his fire. If he runs, I think he wins the Democratic primary and the Governorship....Corcoran will run. He is raising too much money now not to run....BTW, don’t sleep on Jack Latvala for the Republican nomination. He is a very savvy politician and he won’t have to win a huge percentage if the current R field stays the same size. He is a pragmatic man in the age of extremism. It will be interesting to see how he does. I would not bet against him, although the cognescenti seem to be doing so.

R: Chris King, but not for Governor in 2018

D: Ben Diamond

D: Tracie Davis. She’s smart, driven, passionate, and as Florida Democrats rise in power (if even in spite of themselves) she will ascend to greater leadership roles.

R: Matt Gaetz, Ashley Moody, Mike Chitwood, Jerry Demings...When does Will Weatherford come out of “retirement”? When does a Buddy Dyer or Lenny Curry step up to statewide office?

R: The Trump 2020 question will never go away among the chattering class, but consider the near impossibility of the scenarios by which the Republican nominee is someone other than Trump: he removes himself from the ticket by resigning or declining to run (not a chance); he is removed from office by a Republican-led Congress (nearly impossible), or Democrats win control of both chambers in 2018 and then remove him (the most likely of three very unlikely scenarios). For now, this is mostly a topic for cable news.

R: Andrew Gillum will not be on the ballot because he will be out of money and indicted before then.

R: Joe Gruters--always rising and in the news...“Genuinely conservative” depends on the definition of conservative these days. Someone who fits the traditional conservative Republican model is of yesteryear is Jack Latvala - someone who was a Republican back when it wasn’t cool or advantageous to be one. He’s willing to compromise to move the ball down the field. He’d govern similarly. Ron DeSantis (who’s never held a leadership role in govt) meets the new AFP-funded model of conservative - he may be philosophically conservative but that version accomplishes zilch legislatively. It’s also easy to just parrot AFP talking points. Expect a ton of vetoes if he became governor...but he could switch to AG. The Corcoran version is not too friendly but very action oriented - it picks its battles and digs in its heals. It’s also very lawyer friendly. He’d govern the same way and push his version of the budget which would likely mirror whatever his speaker designate protégés in the House cook up. Putnam’s version of conservative doesn’t seem to have much of a message yet...just saying nice things about Florida. ... And all of this might not matter if a multi-millionaire gets in the race. Rick Scott didn’t get in until April 2010...so it could easily happen again. It’s perfect for a non-politician money man to get in if there is a weakish frontrunner like a McCollum. So if Putnam is leading, with all these others taking up large chunks of the vote, it would behoove a multi-millionaire to get it since they’d only need a plurality to win the primary.

R: Ron DeSantis

D: Chris Sprowls.... Andrew Gillum can fool some of the Democrats all of the time and all of the Democrats some of time but he can’t fool all of the Democrats all of the time. And he can’t ever fool Republicans

R: Joe Gruters...Jack Latvala will shake-up the GOP gov primary the way Trump shook-up the GOP Pres primary. Rank-and-file Republicans are furious w/ Nat’l GOP Leaders. Their inability to get along with Trump and move the ball down the field, failure keep simple campaign promises (ObamaCare & Tax Cuts), betrayal of bedrock platform issues (defunding Planned Parenthood & Adding More Debt) has practically every Republican shaking their head. Not to mention the silence by Washington elites about Antifa and this epidemic of Leftwing violence, aimed squarely at Republicans. No wonder they’re freakin’ pissed. In walks Jack Latvala. He knows every county GOP leader in the state & he’s spent his whole career taking on the GOP establishment (believe me). If Jack can harness some of that Nat’l, anti-establishment frustration being felt by FL GOP primary voters and paint himself as the “Small Businessman Reformer” running against the “Establishment Elites,” look TF out. ...BTW - The Dem nominee will be Bob Graham’s royal heir. We love our political dynasties. And is there a special award the media can give Gwen Graham for her amazing, four-year streak of nothing but glowing news stories from the Florida press. She’s the Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio of Puff. How about “Glowin’ Gwen?”

This month’s Florida Insiders:

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