Days after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called official pronouncements about the threat of Hurricane Irma a way to further the “climate change agenda,” the conservative firebrand announced Thursday on his radio program that he would evacuate his home in Palm Beach in advance of the storm.

“Tomorrow it would be, I think, legally impossible for us to originate the program out of here,” Limbaugh told his legion of listeners.

The radio giant’s pronouncement drew the ire of many on social media, with liberals and conservatives alike poking fun at Limbaugh’s seeming about-face.

“Rush Limbaugh flees Florida after he cavalierly said Irma was overblown,” GOP media strategist Rick Wilson tweeted Friday. “Do us a favor and turn in your FL card.”

MSNBC contributor Kurt Eichenwald tweeted, “Rush Limbaugh — who called Irma coverage a liberal hoax - has decided to flee the liberal hoax.”

On his show Thursday, though, Limbaugh insisted media outlets had distorted his words.

Mark Steyn filled in on Limbaugh’s program Friday. Limbaugh said he would be back on the air Monday.