President Donald Trump on Thursday sought to contain any fallout among his base over immigration, insisting he still wants a wall while trying to protect Dreamers.

“They cannot obstruct the wall. The wall to me is vital,” Trump said after landing in Air Force One in Fort Myers, where he‘ll observe Hurricane Imra recovery efforts.

But Trump isn’t demanding wall funding be included in any deal to enshrine in law the protections under DACA, the Obama-era program that has shielded hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

“We’re not looking at citizenship. We’re not looking at amnesty. We’re looking at allowing people to stay here,” Trump said. “I just spoke with Paul Ryan, everybody’s on board. … We’re talking about taking care of people, people who were brought here, people who’ve done a good job.”

“We’ll only do it if we get extreme security, not only surveillance but everything that goes with surveillance. If there’s not a wall, we’re doing nothing.”