How does a vulnerable Democrat deal with Donald Trump?

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy is trying to navigate that question by stressing bipartisanship and moving an agenda back home.

Yesterday, the Orlando-area rookie attended a White House meeting with Trump over tax reform, stressing in a news release it was “at the president’s invitation” and that “this is the second time that Murphy has met with the president in a small group setting.”

From her release, which included the bold text:

During the meeting, Murphy discussed the need for additional federal assistance to help Florida rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Irma; comprehensive tax reform legislation that empowers individuals and small businesses; a transportation infrastructure package that invests in roads, bridges, airports, and public transit; federal legislation to make child care more affordable; and an enduring solution to enable the 800,000 aspiring Americans known as Dreamers to remain in this country.

“Democracy dies when there is no dialogue. No progress is possible on the issues that matter to the American people unless Democrats and Republicans work together. I disagree with the President on a range of domestic and foreign policies, but I will also work with him in an effort to deliver results for Florida. I took this opportunity to urge the President to support Hurricane Irma relief for Florida, to advance bipartisan legislation on tax reform and infrastructure, to reduce the cost of child care for working families, and to protect Dreamers from deportation,” said Murphy, member of the Blue Dog Coalition and the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus.