WASHINGTON – “Where the hell is the cavalry?”

Sen. Bill Nelson asked that Thursday, imploring the military to step up involvement in Puerto Rico.

“There is a crisis in Puerto Rico where food, fuel, water and medicine is sitting at the docks and not getting out to the remote parts of the island,” Nelson said. “The situation calls for an immediate response by the U.S. military to provide security and distribution to these remote areas.”

Sen. Marco Rubio also called on the Department of Defense to ramp up “logistical engagement” to distribute relief. “This is what they do,” Rubio said during a news conference. “They’re the best responders to natural disasters on the planet. And we need to employ them.”

The urgency from the Florida senators, and a host of other political leaders in the state, comes as President Trump has been seen as slow to respond, though he’s taken action in recent days.