Rick Baker hasn’t gone full hipster yet, but before St. Pete’s mayoral race ends we won’t be entirely shocked to see Mayor Rick Kriseman’s challenger sporting a man bun, nerdy glasses and forearm loaded with tats (tattoos, for those of you in Baker’s generation).

Look at the ex-mayor’s latest TV ads and his sharp new “Baker Blueprint” website, bakerstpete.com, and you’ll see what we mean. The site features an image of Baker, purple shirt untucked beneath his dark jacket and sneakers peeking out below his black jeans.

His latest TV ads, one filmed at the Chattaway restaurant and the other at Bananas Music, feature Baker variously sporting a white T-shirt and dark shades and a black T and dark shades. The more clever of the two, at Bananas, has the shades-wearing Baker dropping off vinyl records with a guitar slung over his shoulder. Rick Baker, rock ‘n’ roll outlaw.

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