WASHINGTON - As President Donald Trump threatens to withdraw from NAFTA, some business groups in Florida have joined a nationwide lobbying effort to save the far-reaching accord.

A letter sent this week to Trump was signed by 314 state and local chambers of commerce, including the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce and JAX Chamber.

“Business leaders across the country know first-hand that trade with Canada and Mexico has created American jobs, boosted economic growth, and strengthened local economies, but we know we can do even more to seize the benefits of trade with our North American neighbors,” the letter reads.

Trump, who railed against NAFTA as candidate, on Wednesday was noncommittal.

“It’s possible we won’t be able to make a deal, and it’s possible that we will. We’ll see if we can do the kind of changes that we need,” he said. “We have to protect our workers. And in all fairness, the prime minister wants to protect Canada and his people also. So we’ll see what happens with Nafta, but I’ve been opposed to Nafta for a long time, in terms of the fairness of Nafta.”