WASHINGTON - With 14 residents of a South Florida nursing home now dead, Sen. Marco Rubio has called on the Senate Finance Committee to investigate.

“This has shocked the state of Florida, and rightfully raised questions about the oversight of nursing homes, particularly the enforcement of existing emergency preparedness requirements,” Rubio wrote in a letter to Sens. Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden.

Sen. Bill Nelson had previously asked the Finance Committee to launch a probe, noting it has jurisdiction over Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Rubio, in his letter released Thursday, said a broader look at failures at other nursing homes, including some in Puerto Rico, was justified.

“Additionally, I respectfully request that you consider examining other ways in which Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries were impacted by these storms and how better planning and coordination between the federal, state, and local government could mitigate harm caused by hurricanes.”