Gubernatorial candidate Chris King released a video on Facebook Thursday that laid the groundwork for future policy announcements from the candidate about Florida’s economy.

“Because we have had a one-party state government in Tallahassee for decades, we have had no competition of ideas on how to grow this economy,” The Orlando entrepreneur said in the video, in which he offered few specific policies. “And in my view, our leaders have grown complacent.”

King’s campaign announced in a press release that the video is part of a monthlong effort to articulate the candidate’s economic vision for the state.

Watch the video below.

Chris King Talks Jobs & Economy

"Too many people are stuck in low-paying jobs, and they're not moving up the ladder. So we've got to move fast to create a more fair and homegrown economy that creates the type of jobs that support Florida families."

Posted by Chris King on Wednesday, October 11, 2017