A Florida developer who helped Jared Kusnher’s family seek investors in China gave $150,000 to a joint fundraising committee designed to help Donald Trump win re-election, new FEC records show.

Nicholas A. Mastroianni II gave Trump Victory $100,000 on Sept. 27 and $50,000 on Aug. 31, reports filed Sunday show. Of that, the maximum $5,400 went to Trump’s re-election campaign, which raised $10 million from July through September. The rest goes to the Republican National Committee and an array of state parties.

Another major donor to Trump victory was Thomas Peterffy, a billionaire from Palm Beach who is CEO of Interactive Brokers. He gave $250,000 on Sept. 11, FEC records show.

Mastroianni is chairman and CEO of U.S. Immigration Fund, a major player in the controversial EB-5 program, which has been a favorite of the super rich in China, and offers visas for $500,000 in U.S. investment. (Nicholas Mastroianni III is president of U.S. Immigration Fund and has been linked to Jared Kushner.)

According to reports, Mastroianni connected the Kushner family with a Beijing immigration company Qiaowai as it sought financing for various projects.

Mastroianni gave tens of thousands last year to help Democrat Patrick Murphy’s U.S. Senate bid. Murphy’s father is a major builder in South Florida and has partnered with developers involved in EB-5.

Trump’s fundraising success isn’t just with big donors. He’s been pulling in millions in small dollar funds, and the FEC reports show Florida has been a stead source.

For instance, Donald L. Adkison, CEO of Adkison Towing in Jacksonville, has been regularly making $35 installments.