Floridians say the environment is a top five issue for the state, and they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is.

That is according to a new Sunshine State Survey released by USF and Nielsen Tuesday which showed that 56 percent of Floridians favor a tax whose revenue would be used to address environmental issues.

“In a state with little appetite for new taxes, the fact that a majority (56%) of Floridians support a new tax to support environmental protection efforts indicates the growing importance of the issue.” Project Director Susan A. MacManus wrote in a policy brief.

Support for such a policy was overwhelmingly supported by millennial respondents, who favored the tax by a two to one margin.

In addition to the question about the tax, the survey detailed a number of areas of environmental concern for Floridians, including loss of land, invasive species and rising sea levels.

Public opinion of the state government’s handling of environmental issues has gotten less favorable over the past five years, the survey showed.

Read MacManus’ entire brief here.