With violent crime becoming a major issue in Tallahassee, Mayor Andrew Gillum is facing pressure to devote more time to his elected duties as he also runs for governor.

“Why is our mayor running for governor and our communities need our mayor right now? So I’ve asked the mayor to suspend his campaign for governor,” Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor said during a news conference Wednesday. “Stop running for governor and just be our mayor for the next month or so.”

Gillum’s campaign communications director Geoff Burgan told the Tallahassee Democrat the mayor is aware of the the problem but halting the campaign won’t help.

“I’ve watched Mayor Gillum work tirelessly on this issue since the campaign began,” Burgan wrote in an email. “He knows the city has work to do, and he’s taking it very seriously. These issues didn’t happen overnight and suddenly pausing his campaign won’t solve them either.”

Last weekend, shootings left six people hospitalized and already 18 people have been killed in Leon County this year, a record.