WASHINGTON – Sen. Bill Nelson says Republicans are preparing to "send another hurricane to Puerto Rico" if the tax bill is approved, arguing it contains several measures that would hurt the heavily damaged U.S. territory.

The Florida Democrat noted the legislation, which could come up for a vote Friday, eliminates a manufacturing deduction for Puerto Rico, eliminates a rebate on rum taxes and "fails to put Puerto Rico residents on an equal footing with those on the mainland by giving them the same treatment on earned income tax credit and the child tax credit."

"The bill is so out of balance to begin with, but then when you get down to the specifics in so many of the items, now in this particular item affecting Puerto Rico, this is not what we want to do," Nelson said Wednesday on the Senate floor.

"And yet we're just about to vote on this bill and that's what's going to happen and that's what's going to happen in Puerto Rico. Mr. President, I urge some of our members to reconsider their vote."

Sen. Marco Rubio's office did not respond to a question whether he shares Nelson's concern.