A week after Gov. Rick Scott demanded that Orange/Osceola County State Attorney Aramais Ayala provide answers about how she's pursuing the death penalty in an April murder case, he got his response.

"I too, stand with the victims of crime," Ayala wrote in a letter sent Monday to Scott, according to the Orlando Sentinel. "But I also stand boldly on, not just the Constitution, but all the Amendments to it, including the 14th Amendment."

According to the Sentinel:

"By now, it should be clear to you that my office does consider the death penalty as a potential sentence in first-degree murder cases, and it should be obvious that I do, and have done, everything that I said I was going to do, including following the law," she wrote. "… The irony here is that you are questioning my behavior when you are the one who failed to do what you said you were going to do."

A spokesman for Scott called her response "completely insufficient."

"What is especially troubling is her refusal to answer specific questions about her death penalty review panel," spokesman John Tupps said. "State Attorney Ayala needs to be more forthcoming with her office's death penalty process to make it clear that she is going to follow the law and fight for victims."

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