The group that's known for tracking politicians, including Gov. Rick Scott, and promoting their embarrassing moments on video has a new quarry: Adam Putnam.

American Bridge 21st Century, which formed in 2010 as a Super PAC accepting unlimited donations from the likes of George Soros, unions and other liberal deep pockets, is launching its campaign against Adam Putnam's bid for Florida governor in 2018.

Paying homage to the 1990 film Problem Child, American Bridge is unveiling its website Problem Putnam today.

The gist of the campaign will emphasize three lines of attack:

  1. Putnam has “failed to stand up to” Donald Trump as president (indeed, Putnam has embraced Trump).
  2. He’s “cheered on the Republican Congress” effort to steal healthcare from nearly a million Floridians.
  3. Putnam’s record in the U.S. Congress and as Florida’s commissioner of agriculture is as “swampy as they come.”

"Adam Putnam is truly the problem child for Florida Republicans – he's been cozying up to and making sweet deals on behalf of the lobbyists and donors that keep him in office for decades, all at the expense of Florida families," said American Bridge spokeswoman Lizzy Price. "Putnam is right in line with Republicans in Congress under the leadership of Donald Trump who give handouts to the rich at the expense of the middle class. This will be a long, difficult campaign for Problem Putnam and in the end, Floridians will know that his problems aren't endearing – they're dangerous and wrong for Florida."

Check out the group's website here.