WASHINGTON – Sen. Marco Rubio used his Reclaim America PAC to support a slate of candidates, from Bob Corker and Carlos Curbelo to Luther Strange, while continuing to spend large sums on consultants and other expenses, according to a new FEC filing.

The PAC, which reported its year-end figures on Wednesday, took in $268,000 from July 1 to Dec. 31. It spent $235,000, and ended the year with $243,000 in the bank.

Donors include an array of PACS, including Amazon, Google, Bacardi, Comcast, Goldman Sachs, as well as individuals such as Jose Fanjul, Belinda Keiser and Cesar Conda, Rubio's former chief of staff who has returned to lobbying.

Candidates receiving Rubio money were:

Corker ($5,000); Curbelo ($2,500); Deb Fischer ($5,000); Dean Heller ($5,000); Jeff Flake ($5,000); Florida Congressional candidate Mike Miller ($2,500); Rick Santorum's presidential campaign ($5,000); Luther Strange ($5,000); Roger Wicker ($5,000); Kristi Noem's gubernatorial campaign ($5,000); and Alabama Lt. governor candidate Will Ainsworth ($4,777, reported as in-kind for travel).

The bulk of the spending went for consulting, travel and other costs. Before being fired last week for unspecified harassment, Rubio's Senate chief of staff Clint Reed was earning an extra $2,313 a month for strategic consulting for a total of nearly $14,000. Something Else Strategies took in $32,000 over the reporting period. C Street Consulting was paid more than $22,000.

Reclaim America PAC had $243,000 left in the bank as of Dec. 31.

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