Winner of the week 1.
Andrew Gillum.
The widely written off candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination received a giant assist from likely Republican candidate Richard Corcoran. The Florida House Speaker accepted a challenge by Gillum to hold a public debate over Corcoran’s push to bar “sanctuary cities,” likely to generate plenty of free publicity.
Winner of the week 2:
Richard Corcoran. Ron DeSantis kicked off his campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, but it was Corcoran who was all over Florida’s local news telecasts and newspapers for his TV ads vowing to crack down on illegal immigrants in Florida. Sanctuary cities, which don’t exist in Florida, limit their cooperation with immigration authorities when undocumented immigrants wind up in jail.
Loser of the Week.
Matt Gaetz. The high profile north Florida congressman sees nothing wrong with bringing a white nationalist, Charles C. Jones, as his guest to the State of the Union speech last week. “Entirely appropriate,” Gaetz said, explaining that he likes to hear from all sorts of points of view. And who doesn’t want their congressman seeking insight from a notorious racist, homophobe, internet troll banned from Twitter for advocating to “take out” a civil rights activist?