After a few days of publicly sparring over the details, Richard Corcoran and Andrew Gillum settled Monday evening on a time and a place to debate.

Corcoran, the conservative Speaker of the Florida House, and Gillum, the progressive Tallahassee mayor, will face off Tuesday, February 13 at 8:00 p.m. in the Florida Internet and Television studio in Tallahassee. The debate will be moderated by Bay News 9's Troy Kinsey and will last 45 minutes.

Corcoran challenged Gillum January 30 to the debate after Gillum went seemingly out of his way to criticize a controversial advertisement released by Watchdog PAC, a pro-Corcoran PAC.

The next day, Gillum accepted.

The debate is sure to make for a compelling, if confusing, spectacle. Corcoran has not announced his all-but-certain run for governor. As it stands, the debate will take place between a Democratic candidate for the state's highest office and the current House Speaker.

Still, the two have little to lose. The event is sure to garner plenty of press attention, and primary voters who tune in will get a chance to watch their preferred candidate square off against a political foil.

Just how many tune in remains to be seen.