WASHINGTON – Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday broke his silence about the House GOP memo, saying it "raises questions" about the way the FISA process works but that it doesn't have "anything to do directly with the investigation writ large."

"The investigation is about a lot more than just this individual, Carter Page," Rubio said on Fox News, referring to work by special counsel Robert Mueller and the probe by the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which Rubio is a member.

The Fox host did not probe Rubio on the questions about the FISA process.

Asked about the Democratic memo that contends the GOP version distorts the chain of events events, Rubio said:

"I don't think we can reveal sources or methods but I do think at this point transparency is best so that there's no he-said-she-said or any sort of mysterious information out there no one's heard about, in order to avoid conspiracy theories.

"But even while we learn more about the FISA process and whether it was appropriately used, I think it's important to understand – and the CIA director himself has said it – the Russians are and will continue to try to sow conflict in our country for purposes of disrupting elections whether or not they get the outcome they want."

Rubio had not commented on the GOP memo since its release on Friday and his reaction this morning stood in contrast to what many House Republicans said about it raising serious questions about the FBI and Justice Department.