The notorious political operative and agent provocateur Roger Stone planned a private huddle with House Speaker Richard Corcoran, a sit-down sure to stoke intrigue about Corcoran’s anticipated run for governor and speculation about whether Stone will be involved.

Stone, who was in Tallahassee Wednesday to give a paid speech to the Capital Tiger Bay Club, said a “mutual friend” set up a meeting later during his visit to the Capitol. Both expressed interest in getting together.

“I’ve never met him and I’m curious to meet him,” Stone said. “He’s one of the candidates for governor who I don’t know.”

Corcoran hasn’t officially declared his candidacy. But he’s paying a team of consultants and recently began airing a hard-hitting TV ad about illegal immigration funded by his political committee, WatchDog PAC.

A newly released Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy poll showed Corcoran running far behind declared candidates Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis.

“I’ve let it be known that I’d like to get with him if he has time,” Corcoran said.

A Stone-Corcoran alliance would boost Corcoran’s profile, and perhaps bring him closer to President Donald Trump, who tweeted his endorsement of DeSantis who polled at 23 percent in Mason-Dixon to Putnam’s 27 percent. Corcoran polled at 7 percent.

Stone, who lives in Broward County, described the appointment as a get-to-know-you session. He was non-committal about whether he’d get involved as a strategist in the governor’s race, but said he doesn’t currently have any expectations to be a part of anyone’s campaign.

“I’m not supporting anyone in the governor’s race today, and I don’t expect to play any formal role,” Stone said. “I think we’re meeting at a bar or something.”

Corcoran’s favorite late-night haunt near the Capitol is the outdoor balcony of the Governor’s Club, which is cigar-friendly.