You are not always going to agree with your state legislators.

That's just a given. There are too many issues, too many viewpoints. It's neither fair to them, nor realistic of you, to think your perspectives will always align.

So what should you expect of lawmakers?

Honesty. Transparency. Fairness.

Which, in the Florida House, means:

Strike one, strike two, strike three.

The education bill (HB 7055) passed by the House last week is a sham wrapped in a con and rationalized by liars. It takes political ideology and tries to dress it up in sympathetic terms.

There is no evidence backing up the sweeping changes in this bill. There is no hint of compromise in any of the outlandish and irresponsible proposals. There is no respect for the normal legislative process.

Instead it is the hubris of Speaker Richard Corcoran and his singing sycophants.

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