Florida House and Senate Republican leaders unveiled their plan to deal with the Feb. 14 mass shooting, introducing it shortly after Gov. Rick Scott introduced his proposal.

Lawmakers have two weeks to pass a series of bills and a spending plan that addresses beefed up school security and tighter access to guns.

It could be a bumpy ride. Incoming House Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami Lakes, said "there will be a tremendous amount of politics surrounding the issue."

Although Oliva said the House and Senate plan was a "bi-partisan effort" no Democrats were present when it was announced Friday.

The House and Senate plan includes:

— Mandatory 21 age limit for the purchase of any guns.

— Three-day waiting period for gun buys to allow for "adequate" background check.

— Bump stock ban.

— Statewide commission to investigate Parkland massacre, including system failures. It will examine evidence and make recommendations.

— School personnel will get deputized by law enforcement to carry guns. Corcoran said teachers must go through training to have a dual law enforcement role.

— Each school to have an "assessment team" to evaluate students who may be a threat.

— No assault weapons ban. It would "hurt law-abiding citizens and doesn't address the root of the problem."

Read the complete plan from the Legislature.