Winner of the week
Puppies in Florida. And you thought the Legislature could never sink to new lows to accommodate special interests. Florida House members tucked into a broad tax bill (HB 7087) a measure that would prevent local governments from banning cruel and inhumane pet mills that too often subject breeding dogs to a lifetime confined to squalid cages. Palm Coast Republican Paul Renner, whom colleagues have chosen be House speaker in a few years, gave the amendment his blessing — but stripped that amendment out on the House floor Friday amid widespread outcry..

Loser of the week
Alberto Carvalho. The Miami-Dade Schools superintendent accepted an offer to lead New York City's school system, then abruptly and impulsively reversed course to the humiliation of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. He may be an excellent schools chief, but Carvalho appears to be a seriously fickle flake.