Stop us if you've heard this one before: The NRA wants its supporters to make their voices heard.

The National Rifle Association sent an "emergency alert" to its Florida email list Tuesday urging pro-gun citizens to contact legislators about SB-7026.

"House leadership is trying to bully Second Amendment supporters to get them to vote for the gun control package," the blast from NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer read.

Monday, the Senate narrowly passed legislation that, among other things, increases the purchasing age for firearms, imposes a three-day waiting period on certain firearms and bans the sale of bump stocks. The Florida House will consider the legislation Tuesday.

The NRA blasted the gun policies, saying they punish "law-[abiding] citizens for the actions of a mentally deranged criminal" and that they will no have "effect on crime."

The group urged  Tallahassee to focus on school security and mental health support. SB 7026 includes a provision that would allow certain school officials to carry weapons on school grounds — but would restrict most teachers from doing so.

As the Buzz has previously written, the NRA is incredibly influential in Florida because of its effective lobbying of Florida officials and because of the group's unparalleled ability to mobilize it's vast grassroots.

The Tuesday email listed the email addresses of dozens of Republican House members, urging NRA supporters to tell them to "VOTE NO ON GUN CONTROL."

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