Writers of the Bush family political obituary can stand down after George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush, outright won the GOP primary for Texas Land Commissioner on Tuesday night, effectively assuring another term and keeping future ambitions in good standing.

The younger Bush had to swallow Donald Trump's taunts of his father and offer the backing of Trump. It was a gesture the president did not overlook.

Dallas Morning News:

"This is important work, and sometimes when you make bold decisions and you're a leader, you get criticized. Speaking of criticism, I want to thank my opponents," Bush said with a smile. "Some ran more spirited campaigns than others."

And while thanking supporters for their work on the campaign, he also took a jab at the news media.

"Many of the critics, including those in the media, had doubts that we would even be celebrating tonight, but you didn't doubt me," he said.