WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump followed through on his steel and aluminum tariffs, though exempted Canada and Mexico. What do Florida's senators think?

"This will increase the price of goods we buy and may start an international trade war," said Democrat Bill Nelson.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was less emphatic, though said "tariffs are no substitute for a national strategy …"

"Free trade has been good for America. But it has also left millions of American workers unemployed, many as the direct result of cheating by China. For trade to benefit our country, our trade partners must play by the same rules we do. That is why supporters of free trade must be the first to take violations seriously," Rubio said.

"While trade rules must be enforced, tariffs are no substitute for a national strategy that makes us more competitive through research and development, skills training, and pro-worker economic policies. Early next week I will outline a way forward that promotes free and fair trade, while also protecting American workers and key industries."